Paul Hartmann

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Paul Hartmann Headshot5

Observatory Technician III

MDM Observatory
c/o NOAO (Mailstop MDM)
950 N. Cherry Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85719

Office Location(s): MDM Obs.
Phone: 520.318.8660
Fax: 520.318.8664

  • About

    Paul Hartmann is part of the three-person team that provides on-site support at the MDM Observatory on Kitt Peak outside Tucson, Arizona. He builds, installs, and calibrates instrumentation, and helps set up for optical and spectrographic investigations. He and his colleagues maintain the 1.3m and 2.4m telescope mirrors, and the associated electronic and mechanical devices, to ensure precise and accurate data collection. They also ensure that work spaces and dormitories meet the requirements of visiting scientists. Hartmann has particular expertise in instrumentation electronics.


    Hartmann has worked at MDM for almost 20 years. Prior to that, he worked for five years at NSO’s McMath-Pierce Telescope, also on Kitt Peak. He holds a BS in astronomy, physics, and mathematics from the University of Arizona.