Thomas Rice

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Graduate Student

University of Michigan Department of Astronomy
1085 S. University
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

Office Location(s): 406 West Hall
Phone: 734.615.6139

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    NSF & U-M Rackham Merit Fellowship | BS, Harvard University | Advisor: Ted Bergin

    Star and planet formation, protoplanetary disks 

    Tom Rice studies the origins of stars and planetary systems through multiple techniques: time-domain infrared astronomy; analysis of Galactic-scale molecular cloud surveys; and astrochemical observations of protoplanetary disks. He explores how the accretion rate and inner structure of protoplanetary disks around young stars changes over time scales of days, months, and years through time-domain near-infrared observations. With Ted Bergin (U-M) and Alyssa Goodman (Harvard), Rice is deconstructing an all-Galaxy survey of CO molecular clouds to learn about the hierarchical structure of star-forming gas on large scales. He’s beginning to study how nitrogen, an element necessary for life on Earth, is chemically distributed throughout planet-forming disks, as well as how it evolves from the earliest phases of star formation to the end of terrestrial planet formation. Through these studies, Rice is working toward a better understanding of how stars and planets form and become habitable.

    Related Interests                                                           

    Data science.


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