Ruud Visser

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Postdoctoral Researcher

University of Michigan Department of Astronomy
745 Dennison Building
500 Church Street Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1042

Office Location(s): 913 Dennison
Fax: 734.763.6317
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    PhD, Leiden University/Netherlands | Key Collaborator: Ted Bergin

    Chemical evolution during star formation

    Ruud Visser’s research focuses on chemical evolution during the formation of low-mass stars and how this chemistry can help us understand the underlying physical evolution. In the earliest phases of star formation, when the young star is still deeply embedded in its natal envelope, molecular lines are an excellent tool to determine temperatures, densities, and kinematics. For example, emission from highly rotationally excited CO — observed with the Herschel Space Observatory — reveals the presence of hot gas excited by shocks and UV radiation. Chemical models are a key means of interpreting the observed spectra of CO and other species, so he develops such models in the framework of ever more complex 3D physical structures.

    Related Research Interests

    Energetics of embedded protostars; chemical evolution from cores to disks; photoprocesses; application of laboratory results to astrochemical models


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