Undergraduate Profiles

What’s it like to be an undergraduate majoring in astronomy at U-M? Three students share their stories.


BS/Astronomy & Astrophysics (Academic Track)

Andreia is doing research with professor Bell on stellar halos and plans to use the Magellan Telescopes in Chile.

“[The professors here] are very hands-on in building your career.”

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BS/Astronomy & Astrophysics and Physics (Academic Track)

Nick's research with professor Chris Miller involves estimating the masses of galaxy clusters. He recently completed a National Science Foundation internship at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Virginia.

"Research in astronomy is incredibly rewarding. It feels so good to take raw data from a telescope and turn it into science."

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BS/Astronomy & Astrophysics (Academic Track)

Sierra is doing research with professor Calvet on the evolution of circumstellar disks. She recently went to the Kitt Peak National Observatory in Arizona with the Astro 461 observing course.

"This class was incredible. We did everything we’d do as practicing astronomers."

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