Michael Dickman, Poetry

Michael Dickman was born in the Pacific Northwest in 1975. He has written two books of poems, The End of the West and Flies. He also wrote half a book of plays, 50 American Plays. The other half was written by his twin brother, Matthew. All three books were published by Copper Canyon Press. His recent poems have appeared in Granta, Poetry, Brick Magazine, and The New Yorker. He teaches at Princeton University.

Workshop: FURTHER
In this workshop you will generate a long poem or a group of linked poems, no less than five poems per group, no more than ten, give or take. The poems can be linked by form, content, subject, theme, sound, shape, characters, music, images, story, grief, celebration, syllables, voices, style, obstacles, colors, smells, meter, rhyme, a sense of place, a sense of self, senselessness, recklessness, language, echoes, speed, blues, myths, weather, repetition, grammar, energy, dreams, exotic and strange organizing principles, arcane experiments, and anything else you can think of and make sing, and hopefully a combination of more than two of these.

By writing long poems or groups of closely related poems we will move past our first impulses as poets and into hard-won images that shock us awake, lines that catch us off guard, and poems that come from uncharted waters. If nothing else, writing groups of poems will tell us something about ourselves: what are our obsessions, where do they lead us, when do we give up and when do we keep going? You will have to maintain an interest in the poems that runs deeper than the love of one line or one stanza and embraces the messy whole of your vision.

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