The Program in Biology encompasses a wide variety of disciplines.  With about 80 full-time faculty in the departments of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department (EEB) and Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology (MCDB), the Program offers seven majors and three academic minors. The study of biology opens a wide spectrum of career opportunities. Many life science majors go on to attend professional schools in the health sciences (medical, nursing, and dental school) or graduate study that leads to careers in academia, industry, or government. Others pursue careers in conservation biology, law, journalism, teaching, and public health, among other options.

Undergraduate Awards

The Program in Biology is pleased to offer undergraduate scholarships and research funding. A single application is available for most awards. Click here for more information.

Supporting Facilities

Modern teaching and research laboratories house electron microscopes, controlled environment rooms, analytical and preparative centrifuges, spectrophotometers, and other tools essential for modern research in all areas of the biological sciences. In addition, the Herbarium, the Museum of Paleontology, the Museum of Anthropology Ethnobotanical Laboratory, the Museum of Zoology, and the Matthaei Botanical Gardens supplement the instructional and research programs. University-owned research facilities in the vicinity of Ann Arbor include Saginaw Forest, Edwin S. George Reserve, Stinchfield Woods, and Mud Lake Bog. The Biological Station provides additional facilities for instruction and research.