• Banaszak Mark

    Mark Banaszak Holl

    Professor of Chemistry, Professor of Macromolecular Science and Engineering

    Surface Science of Biological Systems - Cells and Bilayers; Nano-designed Drug Delivery Agents; Nanoparticle Toxicity734.763.2283 / mbanasza@umich.edu

  • faculty image: jbardwel

    James Bardwell

    Rowena G. Matthews Collegiate Professor, MCDB 4003 Natural Sciences Bldg

    Protein Folding, Heat Shock Proteins734.764.8028 / jbardwel@umich.edu

  • Biteen Julie

    Julie Biteen

    Single-Molecule Fluorescence, Live-Cell Biomedical Imaging, Plasmonics, Nanophotonicsjsbiteen@umich.edu

  • Brooks Charles

    Charles L. Brooks III

    Warner-Lambert/Parke-Davis Professor of Chemistry and Professor of Biophysics

    Theoretical and Computational Biophysics and Chemistry/Biophysical Chemistry/Physical Chemistry734.647.6682 / brookscl@umich.edu

  • carlson.jpg

    Heather Carlson

    John Gideon Searle Assistant Professor of Medicinal Chemistry, Assistant Professor of Chemistry 2555 CC Little

    Computational Chemistry, Theoretical Biophysics734.615.6841 / carlsonh@umich.edu

  • zhan.jpg

    Zhan Chen

    Professor of Biophysics, Chemistry, and Macromolecular Science and Engineering 4809 Chemistry

    734.615.4189 / zhanc@umich.edu

  • Wei Cheng

    Wei Cheng

    Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, College of Pharmacy 3565 CC Little

    734-763-3709 / chengwe@umich.edu

  • Uhn Soo Cho

    Uhn-Soo Cho

    Assistant Professor

    734-764-6765 / uhnsoo@umich.edu

  • Tomasz Cierpicki

    Tomasz Cierpicki

    Assistant Professor


  • fierke.jpg

    Carol Fierke

    4525 Chemistry

    Biological Catalysis; Molecular Recognition, Directed Evolution734.936.2678 / fierke@umich.edu

  • gafni.jpg

    Ari Gafni

    Professor and Graduate Chair of Biophysics, Professor of Biological Chemistry, Research Professor 3204 Chemistry

    734.615.1964 / arigafni@umich.edu

  • Ajit_Joglekar_BIOPHUSICS

    Ajit Joglekar

    Assistant Professor of Cell & Developmental Biology

    Cellular biophysics, mitosis, cell & molecular biology, live cell fluorescence microscopy, single-molecule biophysics734.764.2474 / ajitj@umich.edu

  • kerppola.jpg

    Tom Kerppola

    Professor of Biological Chemistry, Investigator of the Howard Hughes Medical Research Institute 4570A Medical Science Research Building II

    Architecture and dynamics of proto-oncogene transcription factor complexes734.647.4763 / kerppola@umich.edu

  • kopelman.jpg

    Raoul Kopelman

    4744 Chemistry

    Biochemical and Biophysical Nano-Sensors and Nano-Actuators for Live Cell Imaging, Diagnostics, and Therapy734.764.7541 / kopelman@umich.edu

  • kubarych.jpg

    Kevin Kubarych

    Associate Professor of Chemistry

    Physical and Biophysical Chemistry: Ultrafast Nonlinear, Multidimensional Spectroscopy of Biomolecules; Optical Control of Biomolecular Dynamics734.764.7528 / kubarych@umich.edu

  • lehnert.jpg

    Nicolai Lehnert

    Dow Corning Assistant Professor of Chemistry

    Bioinorganic Chemistry, Physical Inorganic Chemistry, Spectroscopy, Bioorganometallic Chemistry, Heme-Nitrosyl Model Complexes, Porphyrins, Nitric Oxide, Denitrification, Density-Functional Calculations734.615.3673 / lehnertn@umich.edu

  • lei.jpg

    Ming Lei

    Assistant Professor, Biological Chemistry

    734.647.5839 / leim@umich.edu

  • Allen Liu

    Allen Liu

    Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

    Systems biology;Synthetic biology;Cytoskeleton dynamics;Membrane organization;Cellular biophysics734-764-7719 / allenliu@umich.edu

  • Lubensky David

    David Lubensky

    Associate Professor 326 West Hall

    Theoretical and computational biophysics and statistical physics; Research Focus: Systems biology, models of genetic and biochemical networks, biopolymers734.936.1540 / dkluben@umich.edu

  • Neil Marsh

    E. Neil G. Marsh

    Professor, Chemistry and Biological Chemistry 4537 Chemistry

    Enzymes: structure, mechanism and specificity; protein engineering and molecular recognition734.763.6096 / nmarsh@umich.edu

  • Michael Mayer

    Michael Mayer

    Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering

    734-763-4609 / mimayer@umich.edu

  • Chris Meiners

    Jens-Christian Meiners

    Director of Biophysics, Professor of Biophysics and Physics 4028c Chemistry

    Experimental Biophysics734.764.7383 / meiners@umich.edu

  • meyhofer.jpg

    Edgar Meyhöfer

    Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering; Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering 1122 GGB Nanomechanics Laboratory

    Nanotechnology, bionanotechnology, cellular and molecular biomechanics734.647.7856 / meyhofer@umich.edu

  • Ogilvie Jennifer

    Jennifer Ogilvie

    Associate Professor of Physics & Biophysics 4223 Randall

    734.615.0485 / jogilvie@umich.edu

  • palfey.jpg

    Bruce Palfey

    Associate Professor, Biological Chemistry Associate Program Director, Chemical Biology

    Mechanisms of Flavin-Containing Enzymes of Pyrimidine Metabolism734.615.2452 / brupalf@umich.edu

  • pecoraro.jpg

    Vincent L. Pecoraro

    John T. Groves Collegiate Professor 3823 Chemistry

    Synthetic Inorganic and Bioinorganic Chemistry734.763.1519 / vlpec@umich.edu

  • Jim Penner-Hahn

    James E. Penner-Hahn

    Professor of Chemistry, Professor of Biophysics 4545 Chemistry

    Biophysical Chemistry and Inorganic Spectroscopy, Physical Bioinorganic Chemistry734.764.5257 / jeph@umich.edu

  • raghavan.jpg

    Malini Raghavan

    Professor of Microbiology 6706A Med Sci II

    Biochemical and molecular interactions underlying immune recognition events734.647.7752 / malinir@umich.edu

  • ramamoor.jpg

    A. Rams Ramamoorthy

    Robert W Parry Collegiate Professor of Chemistry and Biophysics 4533 Chemistry

    Biomolecular Structure & Dynamics, Membrane Disruption by Antibiotics and Nanomedicine, Spectroscopy & Microscopy734.647.6752 / ramamoor@umich.edu

  • saper.jpg

    Mark A. Saper

    Associate Professor of Biological Chemistry, Associate Research Scientist in Biophysics 3040 Chemistry

    734.764.3353 / saper@umich.edu

  • Savit Robert

    Robert Savit

    Professor 249 West Hall

    Theoretical Physics and Complex Systems; Research Focus: adaptivity and evolution in social and biological systems, nonlinear systems, nonlinear data analysis, dynamics of epilepsy734.764.3426 / savit@umich.edu

  • Sension Roseanne

    Roseanne Sension

    Professor of Chemistry and Physics 4529 Chemistry

    Biophysical Chemistry, Ultrafast Spectroscopy734.763.6074 / rsension@umich.edu

  • sivaramakrishnan.png

    Sivaraj Sivaramakrishnan

    Assistant Professor, Cell & Developmental Biology 3045 BSRB

    734.764.2493 / sivaraj@umich.edu

  • skiniotis.jpg

    Georgios Skiniotis

    Research Assistant Professor, Life Sciences Institute; Assistant Professor of Biological Chemistry

    734.647.1532 / skinioti@umich.edu

  • smith.jpg

    Janet Smith

    Margaret J. Hunter Collegiate Professor of Life Sciences and Professor of Biological Chemistry

    Research Focus: Protein Structure and Function using X-ray Crystallography734.615.9564 / JanetSmith@umich.edu

  • Daniel_Southworth_BIOPHYSICS

    Daniel Southworth

    Assistant Professor of Biological Chemistry, Research Assistant Professor, Life Sciences Institute 6026 LSI

    734.764.8938 / dsouth@umich.edu

  • Steel Duncan

    Duncan Steel

    Professor of Biophysics, Physics, and Electrical Engineering & Computer Science 3202 Chemistry

    Atomic, Molecular, Optical Physics734.936.2143 / dst@umich.edu

  • tesmer.jpg

    John Tesmer

    Research Associate Professor of the Life Sciences Institute, Associate Professor of Pharmacology

    734.615.9544 / tesmerjj@umich.edu

  • trievel.jpg

    Ray Trievel

    Assistant Professor of Biological Chemistry 4412 Medical Science Building I

    734.647.0889 / rtrievel@umich.edu

  • Veatch Sarah

    Sarah Veatch

    Assistant Professor of Biophysics and Physics 3038 Chemistry

    734.615.2099 / sveatch@umich.edu

  • Kristen Verhey

    Associate Professor, Cell and Developmental Biology 3041 BSRB

    734.615.7787 / kjverhey@umich.edu

  • Angela Violi

    Angela Violi

    Associate Professor

    734-615-6448 / avioli@umich.edu

  • walter.jpg

    Nils G. Walter

    Professor of Chemistry 4821 Chemistry

    Folding and Function of Catalytic RNA; Biophysical Chemistry of Nucleic Acids734.615.2060 / nwalter@umich.edu

  • wang.jpg

    Shaomeng Wang

    Professor of Internal Medicine and Pharmacology, Professor of Medicinal Chemistry 3215 CCGC

    734.615.0362 / shaomeng@umich.edu

  • Kevin Wood

    Kevin Wood

    Assistant Professor 3200 Chemistry

    Complex Biosystems; Computational Biophysics; Spectroscopy and Microscopykbwood@umich.edu

  • xu.jpg

    Zhaohui Xu

    Associate Professor of Biological Chemistry, Associate Research Professor, Life Sciences Institute 3163B Life Sciences Institute

    Protein trafficking; Unfolded protein response; Receptor down-regulation; Structural biology734.615.2077 / zhaohui@umich.edu

  • Qiong Yang

    Qiong Yang

    Assistant Professor 3301 Chemistry

    Biophysics of Living Systems;Quantitative Systems/Synthetic Biology734-764-4669 / qiongy@umich.edu

  • young.jpg

    Matthew Young

    Assistant Professor, Biological Chemistry; Research Assistant Professor, Bioinformatics

    734.615.3060 / youngmat@umich.edu

  • Zochowski Michal

    Michal Zochowski

    Associate Professor of Biophysics & Physics 259 West Hall

    Experimental and theoretical studies on dynamical aspects of brain function734.615.7311 / 734.647.5552 / michalz@umich.edu