Guiding Principles for Leadership Development

Encourage Student Enterprise

Alternative Summer Break Asian Youth Services

Alternative Summer Break Asian Youth Services

Learning to create and shape your own experience is a leadership development exercise in itself. We believe in the value of students participating in and creating their own learning opportunities. We encourage, support and respond to student initiative. (Learn more about our Student Projects)

Foster Learning Beyond the Conventional Classroom

Experiences in the field provide students with an opportunity to learn first-hand about the world of organizations and leadership. Field-based placements provide practical experiences, on which students can reflect, learn and grow. (Learn more about our Global Scholarship, Global Internship Award, and Research Teams)

Promote Active Reflection

BLIprogram13(047) Principles

BLI Ambassadors at BLI Fellows Retreat

Reflection helps unlock the full learning potential of every leadership experience. We encourage reflection as a way of both learning from experience and sharing our learning experiences with others. Time for active reflection is built into our programs and interactions with students, and supports our commitment to promoting growth from every experience. (Learn more about our Leadership Fellows Program)

Harness the Power of Collaboration

Working with and learning from others is an important leadership skill. Whether working with other students, faculty members, or organizations more broadly, we are committed to fostering relationships that encourage collaboration. (Learn more about our Research Teams and Student Projects)

Engage Global Challenges

Anna Archey in Spain

Anna Archey in Spain

We challenge students to seek global experiences that expose them to a wide range of cultures and values. These experiences will be a springboard for learning to navigate the global community.