Marsia Thomas and Michael Heaney

Form a Research Team – The Institute has created an opportunity for faculty, students, and leaders to work together to understand and improve organizational leadership. All UM faculty may apply to create these cutting-edge “living organizational laboratories” that involve students in addressing real world leadership challenges.

Hold a Conversation – The Institute’s “Conversations with…” Speaker Series allows students to engage leadership on a smaller, more intimate scale. This speaker series invites guest speakers to interact directly with BLI Fellows and OS students and share his/her experiences, creating a place to ask questions, share advice, and create opportunities for further collaboration. Faculty are invited to work with the Institute to arrange a conversation with a speaker.

Student Projects Advisor – The Barger Leadership Institute Student Projects are designed to (1) stimulate learning about leadership thorough practice (2) encourage and support student initiative and (3) seed innovative projects that will contribute to campus communities and/or society. The BLI Student Projects provide students with funding and support to launch projects that address issues about which they are passionate. Faculty and staff advisors work closely with the student project team providing active guidance and support.

Create Your Own Opportunities – If you have an idea that may be good for the Institute, please share it with us!  Some examples of “creating your own opportunities” include:

  • Creating a class, unique research opportunity, or hands-on experience on leadership
  • Spearheading a faculty/student event planning team

Be an Emissary – The Institute is all about relationships and networks. Become a part of our network, and act as an ambassador for the Barger Leadership Institute by suggesting a speaker or a visitor or creating bridges and partnerships between individuals, organizations and the Institute.