Friends of the Institute

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Host a Student – Our students are looking for hands-on opportunities in real-world settings to expand their horizons and increase their skills and experiences. The Institute is constantly looking for such opportunities. An interested individual or organization might provide the following opportunities for BLI Fellows and OS Students:

Hold a Conversation – The Institute’s “Conversations with…” Speaker Series allows students to engage leadership on a smaller, more intimate scale. This speaker series invites guest speakers to interact directly with BLI Fellows and OS students and share his/her experiences, creating a place to ask questions, share advice, and create opportunities for further collaboration.

Come Visit – One of the best ways to learn about leadership is from successful leaders. The Institute will invite leaders from various sectors such as business, government, higher education, and philanthropy and leadership scholars to visit campus for public lectures and intensive teaching sessions. BLI Fellows and OS students can interact with visiting leaders and scholars who will share their experiences and identify challenges and opportunities for future leadership.

Be an Emissary – The Institute is all about relationships and networks. Become a part of our network, and act as an ambassador for the Barger Leadership Institute by suggesting a speaker or a visitor or creating bridges and partnerships between individuals, organizations and the Institute.

Share Resources – If you are excited by what is happening in the Institute and would like to support our organization, feel free to contact us! Donors can become involved with the Institute with varied types of resources: financial, education, and material. All donated resources will help to continue the Institute’s activities and award offerings and even create and expand the experiences the Institute is able to offer.