Danielle Wright

Leadership Fellows Program – The Leadership Fellows program is the co-curricular core of the Barger Leadership Institute’s educational activities. We seek to engage students from any program on campus at every stage of their undergraduate careers in BLI activities. These activities are designed to inspire promising undergraduates to develop their knowledge and skills through rich experiences that they help to devise. The BLI fellows are a campus-wide community of emerging student leaders and the program involves additional leadership and social activities designed by faculty and students.

Student Projects – The Barger Leadership Institute Student Projects are designed to (1) stimulate learning about leadership thorough practice (2) encourage and support student initiative and (3) seed innovative projects that will contribute to the Institute, campus community, and/or society. The BLI Student Projects provide BLI Fellows and OS students with funding and support to launch projects that address issues about which they are passionate.

Global Scholarship – BLI Fellows and OS students pursuing rich educational and developmental experiences through a formal study abroad program should consider applying for the BLI Global Scholarship. Scholarships are available for the Winter and Summer terms.

Global Internship Award – BLI Fellows and OS Students seeking to explore the practice of leadership in a global context through internship experiences are invited to apply for the Global Internship Award for the Summer term. Internships can either take place in another region of the world or within an organization having a global reach. These fellowships will help defray costs for airfare and/or living expenses.

Visitors Program – The Institute will invite successful leaders from various sectors such as business, government, higher education, and philanthropy and leadership scholars to visit campus for public lectures and intensive teaching sessions. BLI Fellows and OS students can interact with visiting leaders and scholars who will share their experiences and identify challenges and opportunities for future leadership.

Research Teams – The Institute has created an opportunity for leaders, students, and faculty to work together to understand and improve organizational leadership. UM undergraduate students can apply to participate in these cutting-edge “living organizational laboratories” and play an integral part in research alongside their fellow students and a faculty member to address real world leadership challenges.