Global Internship Award

Jessica Wirtshafter in Tanzania

Jessica Wirtshafter in Tanzania

The BLI Global Internship Award is designed to assist students who seek to explore the practice of leadership in a global context.  We support internship experiences with significant leadership development components. Internships can either take place in another region of the world or within an organization having a global reach.

BLI Global Internship Awards are supported by the James H.M. Sprayregen Scholarship Fund, the Blattman-Borg Awards Fund and other related Barger Leadership Institute funds.

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Find out more about recent Global Internship Award Recipients below:

Summer 2013 Award Recipients

Robbie Austin ('15)
U.S. Department of State Summer Internship, CO.NX Department
Washington, D.C.

Liza Barnes ('14)
TOBB University, International Internship Center, University of Michigan
Ankara, Turkey

Shekinah Bell ('14)
Strat-Afrique, Denison Consulting
Accra, Ghana

Sravanthy Gumidyala ('14)
ATRAVES: Work Across Borders, ATRAVES University of Michigan
Managua, Nicaragua

Somalia Jones ('15)
Global Intercultural Experience for Undergraduates, Center for Global and Intercultural Study

Patrick Maillet ('14)
Senate Intern on Capitol Hill with Senators Stabenow and Lautenberg
Washington, D.C.

Emma Maniere ('15)
Global Intercultural Experience for Undergraduates, USA, Center for Global and Intercultural Study
Detroit, MI

Kayla Vaughan ('15)
Strategic Health Care
Washington, D.C.

“My internship in Cusco forever shaped who I am and who I am going to be. I am a more informed world citizen, a smarter student, a more fluent Spanish-speaker, a more independent soon-to-be-graduate, a stronger leader, and a more confident and prepared Wolverine.” - Amy Ketner (‘13) PORVIDHA Policy and Human Rights Intern - Experiential Learning Abroad Programs (ELAP), Cuzco, Peru

“I went to Tanzania to work with children at a Nursery School (ages 2-5) and came back with the realization that I’ve learned so much more from the children and the people of Tanzania than I could have ever taught them.” - Jessica Wirtshafter (‘14), Cross Cultural Solutions Volunteer, Cross Cultural Solutions, Tanzania

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