2011-2012 Fellows

Diala Ali (LSA Undeclared)
Jillian Bean (LSA Undeclared)
Shekinah Bell (LSA Undeclared)
Erron Boykin (LSA Undeclared)
Andy Clark (Political Science)
Sara Cohen (Organizational Studies and Communications)
Kimberly Cui (LSA Undeclared)
Maria Dambriunas (LSA Undeclared)
Jessica Das (Sport Management)
Samantha Eisler (LSA Undeclared)
Therese Empie (Political Science)
Gregory Ewing (Civil Engineering)
Folashade Frazier (LSA Undeclared)
Sam Gach (LSA Undeclared)
Molly Gilinsky (LSA Undeclared)
Miriam Goldberg (English)
Dan Green (LSA Undeclared)
Beka Guluma (Political Science)
Katrina Gumbinner (Political Science and Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies)
Chase Hagen (LSA Undeclared)
Harry Hantman (Business)
Janel Hathaway (Movement Science)
Keren Isaacson (Organizational Studies and Economics)
Nicole Johnson (Political Science)
Somalia Jones (LSA Undeclared)
Tenisha Jones (LSA Undeclared)
Shiva Kilaru (COE Undeclared)
Abigail Krumbein (Program in the Environment)
Mani Mahadevan (Organizational Studies and Business)
Dexter Mason (Sport Management)
Donavan McKinney (LSA Undeclared)
Daniel Morales (LSA Undeclared)
Jonathan Morof (Engineering)
Laura Parkinson (Organizational Studies and Sociology)
Zachary Petroni (Public Policy)
Alejandra Roel (LSA Undeclared)
Amrit Romana (LSA Undeclared)
Kaitlin Sauter (Political Science and Women's Studies)
Stefanie Scari (Organizational Studies)
Patrick Sier (LSA Undeclared)
Vishrut Srivastava (Business)
Shana Sternberg (Organizational Studies)
Forrest Strodel (LSA Undeclared)
Maureen Terrill (LSA Undeclared)
Alexandra Tourek (Women's Studies and Mathematics)
Ayesha Usmani (Public Policy)
Madelynne Wager (Public Policy and Residential College)
Hannah Walsh (LSA Undeclared)
Ari Weinberg (LSA Undeclared)
Sam West (Informatics)
Deja Wilson (LSA Undeclared)
Nancy Xiao (Business)
Anbo Zhao (LSA Undeclared)