Student Projects

Students from The Kenya Project

Students from The Kenya Project

The Institute has created two funding mechanisms to (1) stimulate learning about leadership through practice, (2) encourage and support student initiative, and (3) seed innovative projects that will contribute to the Institute, campus community, and/or society:  

BLI Student Project funding provides BLI Fellows with grants up to $1,500 and other forms of support to launch medium to long-term team projects that address issues about which they are passionate. 

BLI Small Grants, with a rolling application deadline and a speedy review process, ensure the opportunity to support short-term projects or unexpected opportunities and are up to $200.

Click on the links above to view each funding application that includes information on eligibility and criteria.

2014-2015 Student Projects

2014-2015 Small Grant Recipients

2013-2014 Student Projects

2013-2014 Small Grant Recipients

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