Underground Royalty, by Keith Burns
The Prison Creative Arts Project, a CEAL affiliate, fosters creative expression among students, faculty, youth, and adults inside and outside Michigan's prisons.


Undergraduate students from the Spanish Language Internship Program (SLIP) engage in service-learning with community partners, strengthen language fluency, and develop a critical understanding of issues affecting Latino communities.

Italy Market

Global engaged learning includes international service-learning courses and study abroad programs.

Detroit Mural
U-M faculty GSL

U-M faculty and staff gather to discuss global service- and engaged learning.

Detroit Fence Art

Detroit Love: Many engaged learning opportunities abound in the city. Students may collaborate with community members through asset-based learning to co-create positive social change.

Hands-on Learning

Experiential learning involves direct, hands-on activities that connect theory with practice.

Richard Kiely GSL Talk

Richard Kiely, Director of Engaged Learning + Research at Cornell University, presents at a campus-wide event sponsored by CEAL and the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies.

EPI  2014-15 Fellows

EPI 2014/15 Fellowship Program

Student Advisory Group of Engagement (SAGE)

Student Advisory Group on Engagement Meeting

Engaged Pedagogy Initiative Workshop

Engaged Pedagogy Initiative Workshop
EPI Workshop and Community Partners come together to discuss engaged learning and working in the community.

Welcome to the Center for Engaged Academic Learning

Established in the College of Literature, Science and the Arts in 2013, the Center for Engaged Academic Learning (CEAL) brings together faculty, students, staff and community partners in support of initiatives that bridge academic instruction with community-based learning in rigorous and meaningful ways. The Center enhances and supports engaged learning pedagogies and programs, facilitates coordination of existing partnerships, and promotes new synergies around engaged learning. CEAL provides resources for faculty seeking best practices, course models, guidance on developing authentic relationships with community members, and administrative support. In addition to supporting projects led by individual LSA faculty, the Center fosters collaboration on engaged learning throughout Central Campus. Currently situated in East Quad, CEAL is a vibrant hub for these and many other opportunities such as:

  • Curricula development
  • Course design consultation
  • Student trainings and workshops on critical community engagement
  • Grant writing consultation
  • Program assessment and evaluation
  • Community-centered research


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Fellows begin Engaged Pedagogy Initiative Workshops

EPI Fellows have starting a series of skill-building workshops focused on engaged pedagogy. The purpose of the workshops are to train students on the foundations of engaged pedagogy, course design and program assessment.

So Cool! So Just! Social Justice Student Org. Fair

The So Cool! So Just! Fair took place at the Diag on Thursday September 18th.

Students Create Films and Build Communities in Engaged Media Course

Sundance-acclaimed director Sultan Sharrief combines filmmaking, intercultural communication, and community activism in his experiential courses.