Our Mission

CEAL's Guiding Practices

The Center of Engaged Academic Learning (CEAL) was established in 2013 to coordinate, enhance and generate initiatives that bridge academic and community-centered learning. It supports academically grounded, place-based learning that leverages both campus and community knowledge to address an array of local and global issues, including those related to literacy, youth empowerment, civic freedoms, public health and food access.

In addition to strengthening existing programs and partnerships, CEAL brings faculty, students and community members together to generate new engaged learning synergies.

We support our mission through the following actions:

  • Work with undergraduates, faculty, staff and graduate students to promote new synergies around engaged academic learning both domestically and abroad
  • Support and enhance existing initiatives that bridge academic and community-centered or project-based learning
  • Convene a community of practice around engaged academic learning
  • Guide the development of interdisciplinary, applied learning, and other innovative pedagogies
  • Strengthen the principle of reciprocity between the College and the community
  • Design and facilitate workshops to optimize student work with communities
  • Map the various pathways students can follow to build on their experiences to develop greater skills, creativity and leadership