Our Mission

CEAL's Guiding Practices

The mission of the Center for Engaged Academic Learning is to support, enhance and help generate learning initiatives that bridge academic and community-based learning.  It is a place where students, faculty, staff, and community members come together to learn, collaborate, and co-create.  

Our mission is guided by the following actions:

  • Work with undergraduates, faculty, staff and graduate students to promote new synergies around engaged academic learning both domestically and abroad
  • Support and enhance existing initiatives that bridge academic and community-centered or project-based learning
  • Convene a community of practice around engaged academic learning
  • Guide the development of interdisciplinary, applied learning, and other innovative pedagogies
  • Strengthen the principle of reciprocity between the College and the community
  • Design and facilitate workshops to optimize student work with communities
  • Map the various pathways students can follow to build on their experiences to develop greater skills, creativity and leadership