UC 270 - University Courses Special Topics
Section: 001 Ethics and Diversity
Term: FA 2007
Subject: University Courses (UC)
Department: LSA UG: Curriculum Support
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Meets Oct. 11-Dec. 11. (Drop/Add deadline=Oct. 25)..
May be elected twice for credit.
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Discussions of racism, sexism, homophobia, disable-ism and other forms of oppression and subordination are filled with concerns about power, exploitation, inequality, injustice, exclusion, and other inter-group concerns but they rarely address ethical issues directly, relegating ethics to the realm of the personal, home, or religion. We often fail to see that concerns about equality, freedom, and justice are at the core ethical in nature.

This course is an effort to address ethical issues related to diversity so as to help students better understand that different groups in society have different definitions of what is ethical, the appropriate place of ethics, utilize different ethical systems, and appeal to different ethical paradigms when confronting decisions, especially groups that occupy unequal positions in social life. We will try to understand the ethics of dominance and the ethical systems of subordinated groups as well as the conflicts that emerge when interactions among their members takes place.

Our goal is to create a teaching/learning environment that would promote a deeper understanding of the changing, complex, power-oriented, and conflictive nature of inter-group relations, as well as to promote dialogue, cooperation, learning, and transformation. As we analyze cases of unequal, dominant, and unethical relationships, we will see how they reveal the values, beliefs and issues that frame and justify such relationships. This process will help us begin to understand how we might hope to transform such unfair relationships into ethical and just ones.

The course’s pedagogy involves students and teachers as partners in learning. This format fosters diversity, team work, and encourages more profound thinking on our own social and personal values. It is based on the principle that learning and teaching is a cooperative and dialogic process which incorporates the valuable contributions from all. Hopefully, the substance of this course and the manner in which it is taught will inspire all of us to further examine our own lives and the workings of the surrounding society in view of perspectives and insights gained from this introductory course.

UC 270 - University Courses Special Topics
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001 (LEC)
M 5:30PM - 6:30PM
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