LING 200 - Language and Human Mind
Section: 001
Term: WN 2008
Subject: Linguistics (LING)
Department: LSA Linguistics
Requirements & Distribution:
May not be repeated for credit.
Primary Instructor:

Students will be introduced to inquiry into the nature of the human mind (cognitive psychology) with particular focus on the Chomskian Revolution in Linguistic Theory. Under this approach, "language" study constitutes a revealing inquiry into the nature of human cognitive capacities. The kinds of questions to be examined include:

1. What is (a) language? What is English? Where is it? Is it inside your head?

2. What is the human mind? Is it the same thing as your brain? Are the words that you are reading now getting in (or coming out) of your brain? What is cognition?

3. Close your eyes; Think of and/or visualize the exact route you would take from your current location back to your dorm. Is there a little movie **in your head**? Is there a map **in your head**? and you "read" it?

4. Suppose I say John hit the clown with the twinkie on his head yesterday. What does that mean? Does it have just one meaning — or more? How can a single stimulus, have multiple meanings? Is there something in your head? How did you “learn” what you know about it, even though you've never heard it before? Did someone give you a lesson about this exact sentence?