CJS 450 - Minicourse in Japanese Studies
Section: 001 Representing Trauma: History and Memory in the Comfort Women Discourse
Term: WN 2009
Subject: Japanese Studies (CJS)
Department: LSA II: Japanese Studies
Minicourse, WorldLit
Waitlist Notes:
Ann Takata, CJS Student Services Coordinator, 764-6307
Class Misc Info:
Meets 1/9/09-2/20/09. (Drop/Add deadline=1/27/09.).
Advisory Prerequisites:
Upperclass standing.
Other Course Info:
Taught in English.
May be repeated for a maximum of 4 credit(s). May be elected more than once in the same term.
Rackham Information:
Rackham credit requires additional work.
Primary Instructor:

This course is a mini-course that meets first half of the term only.

This course is designed to be a forum for students to critically examine and discuss the ethical, political, and epistemological implications of historical representation with a focus on the “Comfort Women” issue, a name used to refer to women who were systematically enslaved as prostitutes by Japan’s imperial state during World War II.

The normative conception of history presupposes the idea that the past can be reconstructed and its truth can be revealed insofar as historians gather facts and data scrupulously and observe their fidelity to them. In recent decades, this positivist conception of history has been called into question and its objectivist claims have been largely refuted in part by the study of memory, especially the memory of traumatic experiences such as the Holocaust and Comfort Women. By examining the relationship between history and memory, we will reflect on the ethical and political implications of the limits of historical representation and consider how such reflections will alter the ways in which we understand and write about the past.

Course Requirements: Readings, class attendance, participation, presentation, and term paper (10-12 pages). Course grade will be based on class attendance, discussion, and presentation (40%) and term paper (60%).

CJS 450 - Minicourse in Japanese Studies
Schedule Listing
001 (SEM)
F 1:00PM - 3:00PM
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ISBN: 0674707664
Probing the limits of representation : Nazism and the "final solution", Author: edited by Saul Friedlander., Publisher: Harvard University Press 3. print. 1992
ISBN: 0415194016
Japan's comfort women, Author: Yuki Tanaka., Publisher: Routledge 2002
ISBN: 0816622981
The morals of history, Author: Tzvetan Todorov, Publisher: Univ. of Minnesota Press 1995
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