COMPLIT 280 - America and Its Others
Section: 001 Cannibalism in Translation, Translation as Cannibalism
Term: WN 2010
Subject: Comparative Literature (COMPLIT)
Department: LSA Comparative Literature
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What is wrong with cannibalism? Over five hundred years, colonialism justified itself as a "civilizing mission," convincing those at home in Europe that without the benefit of European civilization, all non-white people would be savage cannibals. The word cannibalism encapsulated the reductive translation of the cultures of the Americas, Africa and the Pacific for a European audience. In the twentieth century, Brazilian and Caribbean authors turned the violent image of the cannibal around by simultaneously translating and subverting classic European texts. Aimé Césaire's version of The Tempest and Maryse Condé's adaptation of Wuthering Heights translate the works of Shakespeare and Brontë from English to French and from Old to New World, but the resulting works do more than repeat old stories in a new context. Reading the works that result from this literary digestion will help us examine the racism that stems from slavery and European colonization in the Caribbean and is embedded in the word cannibal. Evaluations will be based on regular attendance and participation in class discussion, weekly online reading responses, a mid-term assignment, and a final paper.

COMPLIT 280 - America and Its Others
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ISBN: 0571193242
Windward heights, Author: Maryse Conde ; translated from the French, Richard Philcox., Publisher: Faber and Faber 1998
ISBN: 1559362103
A tempest : based on Shakespeare's "The tempest" ; adaptation for a Black theatre, Author: Aime Cesaire. Transl. from the French by Richard Miller., Publisher: Theatre Communications 1. ed. 2002
ISBN: 0520082745
History of a voyage to the land of Brazil, otherwise called America : containing the navigation and the remarkable things seen on the sea by the author; the behavior of Villegagnon in that country; the customs and strange ways of life of the American savages; together with the description of various animals, trees, plants, and other singular things completely unknown over here, Author: Jean de Lery ; translation and introduction by Janet Whatley, Publisher: University of California Press 1st pbk. p 1992
ISBN: 0393960129
Wide Sargasso Sea : backgrounds, criticism, Author: Jean Rhys ; edited by Judith L. Raiskin., Publisher: W.W. Norton 1st ed. 1999
ISBN: 030745519X
Jane Eyre (Vintage Classics), Author: Charlotte Bronte, Publisher: Vintage 2009
ISBN: 0312256868
Wuthering Heights : complete, authoritative text with biographical, historical, and cultural contexts, critical history, and essays from contemporary critical perspectives, Author: Emily Bronte. Ed. by Linda H. Peterson., Publisher: Bedford/St. Martin's [u.a.] 2. ed. 2003
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