HISTORY 397 - History Colloquium
Section: 101 Christians, Jews, and Muslims in Medieval Spain
Term: SP 2010
Subject: History (HISTORY)
Department: LSA History
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Advisory Prerequisites:
Enrollment limited to junior and senior History majors by permission only. History majors are required to elect HISTORY 396 or 397.
May be repeated for a maximum of 8 credit(s).
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This course examines the multiplicity of ways — from cooperation to grudging tolerance to outright hostility — in which the three great monotheistic traditions of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam interacted in the Iberian peninsula primarily during the medieval period, but will also include a brief final excursion into the early modern period. Students will analyze interfaith and inter-community relations through the lens of primary sources of diverse genres — historical chronicles, poetry, devotional texts, etc. — written by members of all three groups, as well as the most up-to-date scholarship on this exciting time and place. The course will begin by examining Jewish-Christian relations under the Visigoths and continue through the eighth-century Muslim conquest of Spain, the gradual efforts by Iberian Christians to return Spain to Christian rule, and the completion of the Christian reconquest and the expulsion of the Jews in 1492. A coda to the course will cover the clandestine existence of Jews and Muslims in the Iberian world under the surveillance of the Inquisition during the early modern period.

HISTORY 397 - History Colloquium
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101 (SEM)
10LSA Hist Majors- Jr or Sr Only
15LSA Jr>
MWF 1:00PM - 3:00PM
Note: All sections of 397 are restricted to Jr. and/or Sr. standing.
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ISBN: 9780140444469
The poem of the Cid, Publisher: Penguin Books 1975
ISBN: 9780521394369
The medieval Spains, Publisher: Cambridge University Press 2003
ISBN: 9780812233339
Medieval Iberia : readings from Christian, Muslim, and Jewish sources, Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press 1997
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