UC 225 - Undergraduate Internship
Section: 028
Term: FA 2010
Subject: University Courses (UC)
Department: LSA UG: Curriculum Support
With permission of department.
Mandatory credit/no credit.
May not be repeated for credit.
Primary Instructor:

This new course is designed to allow LSA students, chiefly those who are first- and second-year and undeclared, to receive academic credit for an internship experience. The expectation is that the internship experience will allow students the opportunity to enhance their educational experience and inform their academic areas of interest.

Permission of the instructor is required to enroll in UC 225. An override will be issued after you have:

  1. Finalized an internship placement
  2. Completed the internship form online at The Career Center Connector (C3)
  3. Met with your academic advisor and received approval

Generally, you will receive an override for UC 225 when your internship is finalized and confirmed. Retroactive permission to enroll will not be granted. You must register for UC 225 before your internship begins, but the course may be on your schedule the term after the internship ends (e.g., for a spring/summer internship, UC 225 may be listed on your spring/summer or fall schedule). After the internship has been completed, you will finish and submit the academic assignments that are required to earn credit.

In your meeting with your academic advisor, you can share your thoughts about what you expect to gain through your involvement in an internship experience. The academic advisor will address your questions related to the internship experience and will review the course requirements. Your advisor will direct you to key Web resources, including a syllabus detailing the course requirements and a handout titled “Keeping a Journal and Writing a Reflective Paper.” After the internship has been completed, you will finish and submit the academic assignments required to earn credit.

To complete the internship form at the C3 website:

  1. Login to your Career Center Connector account at https://umich-csm.symplicity.com/students.
  2. Never logged in before? Select "forgot my password" and enter your umich email address to obtain a password.
  3. Once you log in, select the "Profile" section. If you are first time user, you will need to complete this section.
  4. Click on the tab marked "UC225" and complete the listed questions.

This is important since you will not be able to access the form again once it has been submitted. As part of your internship search, it is recommended that you consider utilizing the resources at The Career Center (www.careercenter.umich.edu/students/index.html). Career advisors can assist you in finding opportunities that fit your interests, as well as provide guidance on your application materials (resume, resume cover letter, etc.). The internship must involve participation in the substantive (core) work of a firm, non-profit organization, or governmental agency. While it is expected that internships may involve some clerical support, an assignment consisting primarily of general office duties, clerical tasks, or personal assistant work will not be granted internship credit. Internships typically run from three to eight weeks and require about 100 to 300 hours of work. The minimum requirement for an internship experience in UC 225 is one that involves at least 100 hours of work and lasts at least three weeks.

There are three course requirements:

  1. Completion of the internship and submission of a satisfactory evaluation from your internship supervisor using a brief electronic form provided through The Career Center website https://umich-csm.symplicity.com/students).
  2. Submission of a copy of the thank you letter you wrote to your internship supervisor after the experience.
  3. Based on your written journal, submission of an essay of 5-6 pages in which you briefly describe: a) the nature of your internship (what a typical workday was like and what you accomplished); b) connections between your internship experience and your studies and/or co-curricular experiences as a student at Michigan; and c) what important learning or lessons you took away from your experience, which may include a new understanding of your strengths and weaknesses or limits.

UC 225 - Undergraduate Internship
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Note: To enroll, students should see their LSA Academic Advisors. They will be working with students to complete the requirements of this course. The UC Division will issue electronic permissions as requested by advisors. Contact lgould@umich.edu for more information.
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