PHIL 511 - Philosophy of Social Science
Section: 001
Term: WN 2011
Subject: Philosophy (PHIL)
Department: LSA Philosophy
Advisory Prerequisites:
Graduate standing.
May not be repeated for credit.
Primary Instructor:

This course provides an examination of the logic of social science research through the writings of philosophers and social scientists. The philosophy of social science is a discipline that attempts to analyze the logic, methodology, modes of explanation, and methods of inquiry of the social sciences. The past dozen years have witnessed an explosion of valuable debate about foundational issues in sociology and other social sciences. The course is based on the assumption that both philosophers and social scientists will benefit from a better understanding of the conceptual and methodological issues that arise in the conduct of social science research. One of the goals of the discipline is to allow us to come to some judgments about the degree of validity and credibility that various social science theories have as assertions about the nature of the social world we experience. The course is premised on the assumption that the philosophy of social science should develop its theories and analyses by working closely with strong examples of good social science research. We should frame the defining questions of the philosophy of social science by reflecting upon the large conceptual and methodological issues that have actually been important to social scientists as they conduct their research and theory construction. The course will make use of recent writings by such social scientists as Abbott, Mahoney, Sewell, Steinmetz, Adams, Lieberson, and Shapiro as we explore recent debates about the foundations of social science explanation. Central topics will include the logic of comparative social science, the role of rational choice theory, the cultural turn, the utility of causal mechanisms, hidden assumptions in quantitative reasoning, and the nature of the social.

PHIL 511 - Philosophy of Social Science
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001 (SEM)
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ISBN: 9780521805889
Dynamics of contention, Author: McAdam, Doug., Publisher: Cambridge University Press 2001
ISBN: 9780521771795
Explaining social behavior : more nuts and bolts for the social sciences, Author: Elster, Jon, 1940-, Publisher: Cambridge University Press 2007
ISBN: 9780521816106
Comparative historical analysis in the social sciences, Publisher: Cambridge University Press 2003
ISBN: 9780521593199
Social mechanisms : an analytical approach to social theory, Publisher: Cambridge University Press 1998
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