AAPTIS 192 - First Year Seminar in Arabic, Armenian, Persian, Turkish, and Islamic Studies
Section: 001 Religion and Revolutions: A Comparison of the French, Russian, Turkish and Iranian Cases
Term: WN 2013
Subject: Arabic, Armenian, Persian, Turkish, and Islamic Studies (AAPTIS)
Department: LSA Near Eastern Studies
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Enrollment restricted to first-year students, including those with sophomore standing.
May not be repeated for credit.
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This course raises the central questions concerning the struggle between the received dogma of religion, and freedom of thought and conscience by focusing on issues such as:

  • Views of the 18th century on Man, religion, and reason
  • efforts of the 19th century thinkers like Marx, Comte, Durkheim, Weber to change society in a more “rational” direction
  • role of the French Revolution in bringing down the traditional underpinnings of European society
  • Russian Revolution and the development of the Marxist position on religion
  • Turkish secularist revolution and the destruction of the Ottoman Empire
  • Iranian Civilization and the Iranian Revolution
  • Huntington’s concept of the “Clash of Civilizations.”

Among the questions we will be dealing with are:

  • Is it possible to have a “secular” world?
  • Is it still possible to have a unified “religious” vision?
  • What is the relationship of “religion” to a “secular” state or to a “secular” public?
  • How can religious traditions relate to each other, in a constructive and creative fashion, without descending into violence, at a time when they are obliged to come into closer and more intimate relations with each other than ever before?
  • What is the relationship between religion and revolution?
  • Is religion on the way out, or is it on the way in?
  • What contributes to the phenomenal rise in fundamentalist commitment in so many places?
  • Are there exceptions?
  • Are we condemned to have a Star Wars like “clash of civilizations” between Islam and “the West”?

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AAPTIS 192 - First Year Seminar in Arabic, Armenian, Persian, Turkish, and Islamic Studies
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001 (SEM)
MW 4:00PM - 5:30PM
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