AMCULT 369 - The History of U.S. Mass Culture From Minstrelsy to Hip Hop
Section: 001
Term: WN 2013
Subject: American Culture (AMCULT)
Department: LSA American Culture
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May not be repeated for credit.
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Mass culture has become ubiquitous, inescapable, total — as one leading scholar has argued, it is the very “element” in which we “breath.” But how did this happen? When did mass culture become, well, massive, and how does it actually work? How, in short, did we get from dime novels and minstrel shows to global hip hop and 24 hour news cycles?

To answer these questions, HISTORY 369 will take you on a sweeping tour across two centuries: from circuses to smart phones, the first organized theater syndicates to Hollywood films that arrive on your laptop. If you are looking for a course that combines P.T. Barnum, Oh Susanna!, burlesque, Sunset Boulevard, the Beatles, Grandmaster Flash, and Facebook, you’ve come to the right place.

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Interested first-year students and non-History majors are welcome, too.

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AMCULT 369 - The History of U.S. Mass Culture From Minstrelsy to Hip Hop
Schedule Listing
001 (LEC)
MW 2:30PM - 4:00PM
002 (DIS)
Th 10:00AM - 11:00AM
003 (DIS)
Th 11:00AM - 12:00PM
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PLEASE NOTE: this course has now been *approved* by LSA for HU. There are no prior course requirements and we absolutely welcome first and second-year students as well as non-concentrators!Please check the History 369 CTOOLS site in late December for the finalized syllabus.
ISBN: 9780807853993
The circus age : culture & society under the American big top, Author: Janet M. Davis., Publisher: University of North Carolina Press [Repr.] 2006
ISBN: 0816644233
Listening in radio and the American imagination, Author: Susan J. Douglas., Publisher: University of Minnesota Press 1st Univer 2004
ISBN: 0306810247
Weird like us : my bohemian America, Author: Ann Powers., Publisher: Da Capo Press 2001
ISBN: 9780312425791
Can't stop, won't stop : a history of the hip-hop generation, Author: Jeff Chang ; introduction by DJ Kool Herc., Publisher: Picador 1st Picado 2005
ISBN: 9780807843161
Horrible prettiness : burlesque and American culture, Author: Robert C. Allen., Publisher: University of North Carolina Press 1991
ISBN: 0674005910
The arts of deception : playing with fraud in the age of Barnum, Author: James W. Cook., Publisher: Harvard University Press 2001
ISBN: 0520272897
The Googlization of everything : (and why we should worry), Author: Siva Vaidhyanathan., Publisher: University of California Press Updated ed
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