ENVIRON 377 - Literature and the Environment
Section: 001
Term: WN 2013
Subject: Program in the Environment (ENVIRON)
Department: LSA Environment
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This course will investigate the connections between literary/cultural production and petroleum as the substance that makes possible the world as we know it, both as an energy source and a component in the manufacture of everything from food to plastic. Our current awareness of oil's scarcity and its myriad costs (whether environmental, political, or social) provides a lens to read for the presence (or absence) of oil in texts in a variety of genres (prose fiction, nonfiction, poetry, film, photography) and national traditions (including, but not limited to the U.S., Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Martinique, Canada, Ecuador, Iran).

As we begin to imagine a world "beyond petroleum," this course will confront the ways in which oil shapes both the world we know and how we know and imagine the world. Oil will feature in this course in questions of theme (texts "about" oil), of literary form (are there common formal conventions of an "oil novel"?), of interpretive method (how to read for oil), of transnational circulation (how does "foreign oil" link U.S. citizens to other spaces?), and of the materiality (or "oiliness") of literary culture (how does the production and circulation of texts, whether print or digital, rely on oil?).

Course Requirements:

Assignments will include short papers and at least one exam; discussion will be an important component of this course.

ENVIRON 377 - Literature and the Environment
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001 (LEC)
Wolv. Access
TuTh 11:30AM - 1:00PM
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ISBN: 9780394755267
Cities of salt, Author: Muni?f, ?Abd al-Rah?ma?n., Publisher: Vintage Books 1989
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