GERMAN 100 - Intensive Elementary Course
Section: 101
Term: SP 2014
Subject: German (GERMAN)
Department: LSA Germanic Languages & Literatures
Credit Exclusions:
No credit granted to those who have completed or are enrolled in GERMAN 101, 102 103 or RCLANG 191.
Waitlist Capacity:
May not be repeated for credit.
Primary Instructor:

This is an intensive introductory course equivalent to the first two terms of college German and intended for students who have not previously studied German. The course moves at a fast pace, so that regular attendance and completion of daily assignments is even more imperative than it already is in any language course. As part of the "intensive" experience, students will be expected to participate in regular language tables, and occasional movie screenings or excursions.

Learning a new language for the first time is exciting and fun, and the course curriculum and materials focus on engaging students' interest, creativity, and sense of humor. The course focuses systematically on the concurrent development of students' ability to understand spoken and written German, and to speak and write German themselves, and on exposing students to a broad range of aspects of German culture. While children may be good at picking up a second language when living in the culture, adults are much better at learning languages in the classroom, and the course aims to take advantage of this by helping students to develop effective language learning strategies, and by providing students with a wide range of tools and resources to help them to learn the language.

These include:

  • Online video lectures introducing new structures for each chapter, accompanied by online comprehension check exercises or worksheets.
  • Online vocabulary practice materials, including a nifty online flashcard program, and online exercises or worksheets for each chapter.
  • Bi-weekly German lunch tables
  • A feature film (Run Lola Run) and a variety of other video materials (including the beginning of the film Mostly Martha, the Oscar-nominated short film Ausreißer, the first episode of Verliebt in Berlin (the German version of Ugly Betty), and a documentary on the Fall of the Berlin Wall) integrated into the curriculum. In addition, students have access to a wide range of other feature films in the Language Resource Center (including some popular English-language films dubbed in German, such as the original Star Wars trilogy, the first Monty Python movie, Shrek, and The Big Lebowski)
  • 3 books integrated into the curriculum: A popular children's book (Oh, wie schön ist Panama); a novel about an artist whose new neighbor is a communist kangaroo; and a book describing 365 things to do in the Berlin/Brandenburg area before you die.
  • Additional cultural readings in English supplementing the cultural information in the textbook. These range from systematic texts exploring the United States' German cultural heritage or the situation of women in Germany to quirky perspectives on everyday aspects of German culture such as "The German National Pastime: Whining, Bitching and Moaning," "The Germanic Stare Down: Watcha Lookin’ at, Granny?" or "Brutally Honest: "Have You Gained Weight?"
  • Detailed review sheets to help with preparation for tests
  • All transparencies used in class are available to students via the CTools site for (p)review outside of class
  • Cartoon transparencies and a compilation of "Videos zum Spaß" ["videos for fun"] providing informal reinforcement of concepts from class

By the end of the semester, students will have been exposed to all the essentials of German grammar, which will then be reviewed and extended in the second year courses. Students will be able to cope with a variety of conversational situations and written texts. In particular, they will have the necessary "survival skills" for a visit to a German-speaking country, as well as a foundation for doing basic intellectual work in German.

Course Requirements:

Course requirements include chapter tests and a final exam, two informal oral tests, a final role play, essays, class participation, and regular homework assignments.

GERMAN 100 - Intensive Elementary Course
Schedule Listing
101 (REC)
MTuWTh 10:00AM - 12:00PM
MTuWTh 1:00PM - 3:00PM
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ISBN: 0139536213
Webster's new world German dictionary = Klett-Handworterbuch Deutsch-Englisch, Englisch-Deutsch, Author: [ed./Red. Peter Terrell...]., Publisher: MacMillan Concise ed 1992
ISBN: 3126754937
Munchhausens abenteuer, Author: G.A. Burger., Publisher: Aschehoug Gekurzt un 1982
ISBN: 340776006X
Oh, wie schon ist Panama : die Geschichte, wie der kleine Tiger und der kleine Bar nach Panama reisen, Author: Janosch., Publisher: Beltz & Gelberg [Nachdr.] 2006
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Neues ABC-Buch, Author: Karl Philipp Moritz. Ill. von Wolf Erlbruch. Nachw. von Heide Hollmer, Publisher: Kunstmann 2. Aufl. 2005
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Collins German dictionary, Author: [editors, Horst Kopleck ... et al.]., Publisher: HarperCollins 5th ed. 2008
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A practical guide to language learning : a fifteen-week program of strategies for success, Author: H. Douglas Brown., Publisher: McGraw-Hill 1989
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Graded German reader : erste Stufe, Author: Hannelore Crossgrove, William C. Crossgrave., Publisher: Heath 3rd ed. 1992
ISBN: 9780934034388
English grammar for students of German : the study guide for those learning German, Author: Cecile Zorach, Charlotte Melin, Elizabeth A. Kautz., Publisher: Olivia and Hill Press 5th ed. 2009
Other Textbook Editions OK.
ISBN: 9783551681539
Prinzessin Horst Royalrevue spezial, Author: von Oliver Wenniges, Publisher: Carlsen Revue-Spez 2007
ISBN: 9783770400010
Asterix der Gallier, Author: Text, Goscinny ; zeichnungen, Uderzo., Publisher: Delta Nachdr. 1969
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ePack: Vorsprung, 3rd Edition (looseleaf) + iLrn Heinle Learning Center Instant Access Code, Author: Lovik/Guy/Chavez, Publisher: Cengage 3RD
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Die Kanguru-Chroniken Ansichten eines vorlauten Beuteltiers, Author: Marc-Uwe Kling, Publisher: Ullstein Orig.-Ausg 2009
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365 Dinge, die Du in Berlin und Brandenburg getan haben musst, bevor Du stirbst! [jede Menge au?ergewohnliche Berlin- und Brandenburg-Tipps!], Author: 104.6 RTL, Berlins Hit-Radio. [In Zusammenarbeit mit der Redaktion 104.6 RTL, Berlins Hit-Radio: Andreas Frutiger und Peter Christ], Publisher: Bruckmann 2012
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