AAS 246 - Africa to 1850
Section: 001
Term: FA 2014
Subject: Afroamerican & African Studies (AAS)
Department: LSA Afroamerican and African Studies
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“Africa to 1850” leaves open-ended the question of when history begins on the continent of Africa. Our entry into this long history of Africa will be through the ecological settings in which human and social landscapes emerged, beginning in the third millennium BC. The course will address how peoples in different regions of the continent established their own forms of social, economic, and political organization, and the ways in which those forms were given cultural coherence.

Specific topics will include: the roles of agriculture and pastoralism in histories of migration and settlement; the interplay between commerce and the transmission of knowledge, both worldly and religious; what an urban history of pre-colonial Africa may include; in what ways power and authority were communicated within African societies; and what were the resources available to people to defend their autonomy or at least a way of life, and what were the alternatives when such resources were lacking. A crucial component of the course will also be Africans’ encounters with peoples from outside the continent, particularly the intersections of African social lives with the histories of Mediterraneant and Indian Ocean trade and with European exploration, which brought Europeans to the continent and took Africans forcibly away from it. By the mid-19th century, there was a European colonial presence in Africa, but as yet a limited one. Our course will end with the question of what being African and what the continent’s history had come to mean before the scramble for dividing up Africa’s coastlines and interior between outside powers.

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AAS 246 - Africa to 1850
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001 (LEC)
MW 10:00AM - 11:30AM
002 (DIS)
W 12:00PM - 1:00PM
003 (DIS)
W 1:00PM - 2:00PM
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Africa : a biography of the continent, Author: Reader, John., Publisher: A.A. Knopf 1998
ISBN: 9780585163970
Oral epics from Africa vibrant voices from a vast continent, Publisher: Indiana University Press 1997
ISBN: 0253213983
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