LAW 674 - Rules of Play
Section: 001
Term: FA 2014
Subject: Law (LAW)
Department: Law School
3 (Non-LSA credit).
Enforced Prerequisites:
LAW Prof
May not be repeated for credit.
Primary Instructor:

This seminar operates from the premise that sports and other games are legal systems that present a rich array of legal problems, interesting in their own right and often also interesting because of their analogy to problems that arise in other contexts.

Among the topics to be discussed are:

  1. How should competition be structured? For example, what metrics should be used to determine a winner? How (if at all) should ties be broken? What standards should be used for eligibility (for example, in the case of transgendered and "bionic" athletes)?
  2. How should the bounds of acceptable conduct be determined? For example, when should deception or stalling be punished, and when should they be treated as acceptable parts of the game? How should misconduct be punished?
  3. What are appropriate remedies for official errors?

Students taking this seminar must also enroll (either in the same term or in a subsequent term, depending on when they are graduating) in #800 Seminar Supplement for one credit, either in the same term or in another term (depending on when they are graduating). The effect is the same as if this were an ordinary seminar for two credits, but this allows more flexibility in scheduling the completion of papers.

At least half the students in this class will be law students, but there will be some room for juniors, seniors, and non-law graduate students. If you are a non-law student wishing to take the course, please submit, no later than May 16, an email to the instructor, at, with the subject line “Application for Rules of Play Course,” attaching to it (a) a resume, and (b) a statement, of no more than two pages, indicating why you are interested in taking this course and why you believe you are particularly well qualified for it. Because June is the earliest that the Law School will process non-law student enrollment in LAW 674, non-law students participating in early registration may want to register for another class and switch during the drop/add period if they get into this course

LAW 674 - Rules of Play
Schedule Listing
001 (LEC)
TuTh 2:35PM - 4:00PM
Note: 41, 97
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