PORTUG 280 - Portuguese for Speakers of Romance Languages
Section: 002
Term: FA 2017
Subject: Portuguese (PORTUG)
Department: LSA Romance Languages & Literatures
Credit Exclusions:
No credit granted to those who have completed or are enrolled in PORTUG 100, 101, or 102.
Waitlist Capacity:
With permission of department.
Enforced Prerequisites:
One of: SPANISH 275, 276, 277, or 278; or RCLANG 324; or FRENCH 235; or ITALIAN 230, 232, or 233. Valid prerequisite options also include the following study abroad equivalents (registration student groups): SP27 (completed SPANISH 277 abroad) and F235 (completed FRENCH 235 abroad) as well.
May not be repeated for credit.
Undergrad and Grad
Meet Together Classes:
Primary Instructor:

Portuguese for Speakers of Romance Languages is an accelerated course providing knowledge of grammatical structure, listening, speaking, reading and writing skills to students who have native or near-native proficiency level in one, or more of the Romance Languages. Students apply their Romance Language skills to learn Portuguese by concentrating on the similarities and differences between the languages.

Emphasis is placed on the active use of spoken language. Students learning Brazilian Portuguese are expected to be able to communicate with African or European speakers of Portuguese as well. Cultural aspects are illustrated in films, videos, music, websites.


Students are expected to acquire the ability to understand conversational Portuguese, to communicate and convey ideas satisfactorily in everyday practical situations with native speakers, read newspapers, write short essays, and be acquainted with cultural elements of the eight Portuguese speaking nations.

The functional skills acquired by students usually depends on the amount of time they invest in the course, including active class participation and the minimum of two hours of outside preparation for every hour of class.

Our goal is that students who complete the course will be able to hold spontaneous conversations on everyday topics, understand the gist of one-way communications like those on radio and television, read for practical information, and write simple correspondence and compositions on familiar topics.

This course is suitable for students who have credit for SPANISH 277, ITALIAN 232, FRENCH 235.

This course is a prerequisite to the Portuguese minor. PORTUG 280 counts as a 279-399-level course toward the Spanish major or minor (elective).

PORTUG 501.001 meets together with PORTUG 280. In addition to attending class and working on all of the weekly assignments, graduate students will be required to write a final research paper or annotated bibliography (20-25 pp) on a subject within their respective field of expertise in connection to a country or region of the Portuguese-speaking world.

Course Requirements:

Classroom activities involve introduction and/or review of vocabulary and grammatical structures, listening, speaking, reading and writing tasks, group skits, role-plays, and one group project presentation of a cultural aspect. Homework involves completing daily listening & speaking, reading & writing activities on the e-workbook, reviewing grammar, writing brief notes, and researching on the web to complete the weekly Internet treasure hunts.

Grading for PORTUG 280 is based on class attendance and active participation, quizzes, skits, a midterm, two speaking exams, a cultural project, weekly postings on the forum, daily homework, Internet research, one 500-word essay, and a final exam.

Intended Audience:

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Class Format:

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PORTUG 280 - Portuguese for Speakers of Romance Languages
Schedule Listing
002 (REC)
MW 1:00PM - 2:30PM
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