LATINOAM 504 - American Immigration: Sociological Perspectives
Section: 001
Term: WN 2018
Subject: Latina/o American Studies (LATINOAM)
Department: LSA American Culture
Advisory Prerequisites:
Graduate standing; seniors with permission of instructor.
May not be repeated for credit.
Primary Instructor:

Both the study of immigration and the questions that study raises are at the very root of social science. In this course we survey the literature that gives evidence of the major concepts, questions, and approaches which sociologists have used to study immigration, as well as the interface between immigration, race, and ethnicity in America. In this seminar, we will seek to focus each session on a different topic, such as the origin of ethnic stratification, race, and racism; the contrasting theoretical explanations of assimilation and internal colonialism for the reality of group differences in social outcomes in America; the different levels of analysis, micro vs. macro approaches to immigration; the causes and consequences of the differential incorporation of immigrants in American society; political vs. economic immigrants as different social types; middleman minorities vs. the ethnic enclave vs. the ethnic economy as models of immigrant adaptation; women and migration; and social networks and gender as the link between micro and macro levels of analysis.

Course Requirements:

The goal of this seminar is for each student to work on a paper on a topic of his or her own choosing that relates to immigration, race, and ethnicity. If done well, such a paper could be used as the basis for a dissertation prospectus. The research paper might also be further developed into a publishable paper while in graduate school. If polished enough, it could be used to send away for external funds from a foundation. As a seminar, the informed participation of class members is essential, and will be taken into account for the final grade. Each student will be responsible for providing written comments for the two first drafts to one other student in class, as well as for his or her own final research prospectus. Each student will also be responsible for presenting three or four of the readings in the syllabus to the class, bringing in a handout summarizing the work for everyone in the class.

LATINOAM 504 - American Immigration: Sociological Perspectives
Schedule Listing
001 (SEM)
W 5:00PM - 8:00PM
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