SPANISH 299 - Introductory Internship
Section: 001
Term: WN 2018
Subject: Spanish (SPANISH)
Department: LSA Romance Languages & Literatures
With permission of department.
Enforced Prerequisites:
SPANISH 275, 276, or SPANISH 277; or SPANISH 278 (or 290) or AMCULT 224 or LATINOAM 224; or RCLANG 324.
Other Course Info:
Credit can be earned for no more than one independent study and one internship without the approval of the Spanish Undergraduate Curriculum Committee.
May not be repeated for credit.

This is a three-credit course for internships that involve the extensive use of Spanish in a country in which Spanish is the primary language. The LSA University of Michigan International Internship Program places students into six-twelve week internships abroad. Alternately, students may arrange an internship on their own, or through an organization such as Amigos de las Americas. Students may enroll for either SPANISH 299 or 428, depending on the course level they need to fulfill for their major or minor. Course requirements consist of oral and written assignments, and two brief meetings. Aside from these requirements, detailed below, the class does not meet.


Applications are due in Winter term (see below for more details). At the end of Winter term, students will be required to attend a pre-departure meeting. Internships will take place during Spring and Summer term only, but students will register for the class for the Fall term.

Application process:

The U-M LSA International Internship Program has its own application process through MCompass (available Nov. 2013). Applications are due the first week of classes in Winter term.

For independently arranged internships, proposal forms are available on the RLL website and require:

  1. a description of the work site and the services you will perform;
  2. how the work relates to your academic interests and/or career plans;
  3. a letter from the director or supervisor of the internship program in which s/he describes the work you will perform, confirms that you will primarily use Spanish in that work, and specifies how many working hours are involved (100 hour minimum).

The deadline for these proposals is April 1. All students whose proposals are accepted must register with MCompass, which puts them in the travel registry, requires students to register for travel health insurance and to sign legal waivers, and allows LSA to track each student.

Class structure:

Pre-departure meeting:

The LSA Internship Office provides obligatory pre-departure preparation for interns traveling abroad. This is usually conducted during the reading period of Winter term, that is, after classes end and before the start of the exam period.

Weekly blog:

Once abroad, interns are required to blog weekly in Spanish. Weekly blogs allow the instructor to make sure that students are doing well, and to monitor the progress of the work being done. It also fosters community among interns in Spanish-speaking countries and provides a space where interns can share experiences and ideas.

Reflective paper:

Students are required to write a 10-page paper in Spanish reflecting on their experiences as an intern. These are due the first day of Fall semester.

Brief Meeting with Instructor:

Within the first three weeks of fall term, students are required to meet with the instructor of record to describe (in Spanish) the internship experience, and to discuss the remaining requirements of the course.

Two Presentations:

During the fall academic term, each student must give a ten-minute Power Point presentation (in Spanish) about his or her experiences abroad in another Spanish class; and develop a poster to show and explain (in English) to other students at the International Internship Showcase in October.

Intended Audience:

SPANISH 299 - Introductory Internship
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