LATIN 325 - Readings in Latin Drama: From Text to Performance
Section: 001
Term: FA 2018
Subject: Latin (LATIN)
Department: LSA Classical Studies
Waitlist Capacity:
Advisory Prerequisites:
One of RCLANG 295, LATIN 194, 195, 232, or 233, or permission of instructor.
May be elected twice for credit.
Primary Instructor:

The fundamental goal for is for students to gain facility, accuracy and understanding of their Latin language skills, particularly through active use of the language. Through study of Plautus’ Rudens, students will gain heightened appreciation of early and colloquial Latin and will develop skills in pronunciation and delivery. Students will explore Roman comedy from cultural, historical, linguistic, literary and performative perspectives, and will explore such general questions as: What is comedy? What did Romans find entertaining? What makes good humor? How does one tell a good joke? Along the way, students will try their hands at adapting, editing and mastering the Rudens so that it will “play” to a modern audience. The class culminates in a fully staged Latin production of Plautus’ masterpiece.

Course Requirements:

Students who have fulfilled their language requirement, but who wish to read more Latin without necessarily embarking on a minor or concentration; students interested in ancient theatre; students interested in oral applications of the language.

Intended Audience:

Preparation of daily translation assignments, oral recitations, participation in final performance, final paper.

Class Format:

Three meetings per week (recitation, translation, dramatic exercises)

LATIN 325 - Readings in Latin Drama: From Text to Performance
Schedule Listing
001 (REC)
MW 2:00PM - 3:00PM
F 2:00PM - 4:00PM
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ISBN: 9781853993497
Amphitruo, Author: Plautus, Titus Maccius., Publisher: Bristol Class Press 1993
ISBN: 9781585101559
Plautus: four plays : Casina, Amphitryon, Captivi, Pseudolus, Author: Plautus, T. Maccius (Titus Maccius), ca. 244-184 v. Chr., Publisher: Focus 2009
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