MCDB 489 - Microbial Genes and Genomes
Section: 001
Term: FA 2018
Subject: Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology (MCDB)
Department: LSA Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology
Requirements & Distribution:
With permission of instructor.
Enforced Prerequisites:
BIOLOGY 305; and one of: MCDB 310 or 311, or BIOLCHEM 415, or CHEM 351; or graduate standing.
This course counts toward the 60 credits of math/science required for a Bachelor of Science degree.
May not be repeated for credit.
Primary Instructor:

This course covers a broad range of pathways used by bacteria to replicate and maintain their genetic material. The course covers genetic, cell biological, biochemical, and modern genomic techniques.

DNA replication and DNA repair are fundamental cellular processes that are conserved in all domains of life. This course examines bacterial genes across many species that are required for genome maintenance including: DNA replication initiation, DNA elongation, and a broad range of DNA repair pathways. This course also investigates modern genomic techniques and students learn bioinformatics approaches to understanding potential gene functions. The course format consists of lectures and discussions. Most of the reading material for this course is from the primary scientific literature.

MCDB 415 (Microbial Genetics) is a didactic course that covers many of the genetic tools that microbial geneticists use to study bacteria. MCDB 489 will be more focused on the primary literature and critical analysis. MCDB 408 is a hybrid didactic/literature reading course and covers many of the technical aspects of genomic biology.

Course Requirements:

There will be approximately 26 quizzes over the term that focus on critical analysis of the assigned primary literature readings (2 questions/quiz). There will be approximately 26 primary research papers the each student will read over the term. Student participation in the in-class discussions will also be evaluated each class. The expectation is that students will answer at least one question posed by the instructor each class and contribute comments at other times.

Intended Audience:

This course is most appropriate for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students: CMB, Biology, and Microbiology concentrators; First-year graduate students.

This course is designed to provide Microbiology and Cell and Molecular Biology majors with their first careful analysis of the primary literature. This course will also provide one of the required advanced CMB courses for CMB concentrators. This course will also be appropriate for first-year masters students interested in pursuing microbes for their intended research.

Class Format:

Lecture/discussion format 3 hours weekly. The majority of class meetings will consist of discussions based on assigned primary research papers, combined with some lecturing to provide background information.

MCDB 489 - Microbial Genes and Genomes
Schedule Listing
001 (LEC)
MW 11:30AM - 1:00PM
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