WOMENSTD 698 - Special Seminar
Section: 002 Anglo-American and French Feminism
Term: FA 2018
Subject: Women's Studies (WOMENSTD)
Department: LSA Women's Studies
Waitlist Capacity:
Advisory Prerequisites:
Graduate standing, and one graduate course in WOMENSTD.
May be repeated for credit.
Primary Instructor:

What is the place of sexual difference in feminism? This question will enable us to cut a path through the rich field of Anglo-American and French feminisms. This course is not meant to be a survey but, rather, a focused examination of various efforts to grapple with difference which has been at once a preoccupation of feminist theory and a marker of the distinct identities of Anglo-American and French Feminisms.

The course pursues at least two threads of inquiry. The first aims to grasp the principal “schools” of inquiry and controversies that occupied French and Anglo-American feminists from the late 1970s up to the present. The second will explore the complex history of exchange between these two fields. In the US, the usefulness of French theory to feminist intellectual and political projects has been hotly debated, with many denouncing it as elitist and depoliticizing. In France, some feminist intellectuals argue that US feminists got so carried away by “French Theory” and by what they selectively constructed as “French feminism,” that this purportedly exotic brand should be regarded as an entirely American creation. Recently a new generation of feminists in France who have begun to take inspiration from Anglo-American feminist theorists of race and postcolonialism to frame and confront the problems that they regard as central to the feminism of their time.

This seminar will support robust and vibrant discussion of texts and controversies, to deepen understanding of principal debates of Anglo-American and French Feminism from the late 1970s to the present, and to enable each student to produce a portfolio of writing appropriate to their learning goals (e.g.: a series of short papers, a review essay of a major work, or a research paper of publishable quality).

WOMENSTD 698 - Special Seminar
Schedule Listing
001 (SEM)
1Graduate Standing
M 4:00PM - 7:00PM
002 (SEM)
3Graduate Standing
W 4:00PM - 6:30PM
003 (SEM)
1Graduate Standing
Tu 4:00PM - 7:00PM
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