UARTS 150 - Introduction to Creative Process
Section: 001
Term: FA 2019
Subject: University Arts (UARTS)
Department: CoE Undergraduate Education
4 (Non-LSA credit).
Requirements & Distribution:
Enforced Prerequisites:
Other Course Info:
Meets writing requirements for students in the Taubman College of Architecture + Urban Planning, the Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design, and the School of Music, Theater & Dance; College of Engineering.
May not be repeated for credit.
Primary Instructor:

UARTS 150 is designed to promote exploration of one’s own creative abilities through cross-disciplinary activities. The course work is organized around introductory lectures followed by related workshops with the aim to illuminate past and current creative minds and to provide a studio-like setting for related hands-on experimentation.

A team of four faculty members from four different U-M schools will work together with students to illustrate how thinking and working creatively produces greater productivity, accomplishment, meaning and richness to one's academic, professional and personal life.

In particular, the course aims to:

  • Demystify creativity and demonstrate it to be an inherent potential of all humans.
  • Challenge common misconceptions of creativity: that it is only available to a select few “geniuses”.
  • Assist students in developing a conceptual foundation for identifying creative approaches to arrive at their own creative process.
  • Foster the ability to recognize creative potential in unexpected contexts and understand that creative expression in any filed is a process that can take many different forms.
  • Provide a framework for students to reflect on the course work and then write about their reflections, thoughts and own conclusions.

Course Requirements:

Two term papers will be assigned – one midterm and one final term paper (1000 words each). The midterm will be written in class and outside of class time (one in class time and one outside class time) due to compliance with University scheduling. The final term paper will be written in class only. For each midterm and final term papers students will select a relevant topic based on introductory lectures and workshop exercises and explore a topic in greater depth based on independent research.


  • Attendance of each class — punctuality is mandatory.
  • Completion of each workshop exercise (architecture, art & design, engineering and music).
  • Completion of four, one-page (350 words) written summaries describing the Workshops. This translates into writing your own thoughts about the process you have engaged during the Workshop and what you learned. These papers are due in class at day five of each rotation.


  • One two-page paper (1000 words): Select a subject from the Introductory Lectures and through written format — explore the topic further on your own. Independent research required.


  • One two-page paper (1000 words each): Select a subject from the Introductory Lectures and through written format — explore the topic further on your own. Independent research required.

Midterm and final grading will be based on the following:

  • 20% — Attendance, punctuality and participation
  • 20% — Workshop Exercise and Papers
  • 20% — Mid and Final Term paper
  • 20% — Work Shop Exercises and Papers
  • 20% — End of Term Exhibition

Intended Audience:

UARTS 150 “Introduction to Creative Process” is a required course for all student participants of the Living Arts Residential Learning Community.

Class Format:

A class of 54 students is anticipated and will meet as a single group on day one for review of course structure, goals and to meet faculty. In the same meeting 4 sections will be established with roughly 13 students in each. In addition, these will become the students “home section” with the same instructor for the duration of the term. Students will attend five classes total for each section: one day for an introductory lecture, followed by a three-day workshop and ending with a one day in class writing session. In summary, 4 introductory lectures, 12 days of workshops, and 4 days of writing sessions. The course also includes a one-day “University Appreciation Day” and two days of an End of Term Exhibit to share work produced over the entire semester.

UARTS 150 - Introduction to Creative Process
Schedule Listing
001 (LAB)
MW 3:00PM - 5:00PM
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