CHEM 126 - General Chemistry Laboratory II
Fall 2022, Section 100
Instruction Mode: Section 100 is  In Person (see other Sections below)
Subject: Chemistry (CHEM)
Department: LSA Chemistry
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Requirements & Distribution:
Enforced Prerequisites:
Concurrent enrollment in CHEM 125.
Advisory Prerequisites:
To be elected by students who are eligible for (or enrolled in) CHEM 130, and concurrent enrollment in CHEM 125.
Other Course Info:
F, W, Su.
This course counts toward the 60 credits of math/science required for a Bachelor of Science degree.
May not be repeated for credit.
Primary Instructor:


The focus of this laboratory course is to foster critical thinking that allows students to perform scientific experiments, interpret data, and form logical conclusions. The student acquires technical skills that are required for further advancement in experimental sciences. Although the ability to collect and analyze data in a quantitative manner is developed, the emphasis of the course is to provide an understanding of the fundamental concepts of chemistry. The goal is to provide students both with a more accurate picture of the scientific process and with skills that are relevant to solving problems.

NOTE: Students must elect one LAB section and a matching CHEM 125 lecture AND CHEM 126 lecture. Combinations are listed in consecutive order and are linked. For example: If you elect CHEM 125.210 LAB section you MUST elect CHEM 125.200 LEC AND CHEM 126.200 LEC.

Laboratory Check-in
Check into labs on the first day they are scheduled. You must take a print-out of your class schedule to Lab Check-in. If you fail to appear, your space may be given to a waitlisted student without further notice and you are at risk of not being able to take that course for the academic term, if all sections become full.

Waitlist Policies:
The Waitlist Policy for CHEM courses is posted on the Chemistry Department website:

Course Requirements:

CHEM 125/126 is a pair of general chemistry laboratory courses condensed into a single semester of calendar time. We will be concerned with many of the same topics that are the purview of the CHEM 130 lecture course (measurement, the mole, reactions in aqueous solution, gas mixtures, enthalpy, &, etc.). The primary mission of this course is to give the student a practical, hands-on experience in laboratory chemistry with particular emphasis on the scientific method, critical thinking, technical writing, and teamwork.

Intended Audience:

This laboratory course can be elected with, or following, CHEM 130. It is intended that students planning to enroll in CHEM 130 who have had little or no previous chemistry laboratory enroll concurrently in CHEM 125 and CHEM 126.


CHEM 126 - General Chemistry Laboratory II
Schedule Listing
100 (LEC)
 In Person
Note: --YOU MUST ALSO REGISTER FOR CHEM 125. CHEM 126 meets the same day/time/location as CHEM 125 and must be taken in conjunction with CHEM 125. Any questions regarding enrolling for this course should be directed to the Chemistry Student Services Office at

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