LSA Course Guide - Open ANTHRARC Classes

Last updated on: 11/24/2017 7:46:08 AM
Class #Catalog #TitleSectionComp# SeatsWLStartEndDaysLocation
19092 284Aztec, Maya&Inca001LEC150  1:00PM 2:30PM T TH AUD C AH
19093 P 284Aztec, Maya&Inca002DIS25 11:00AM12:00PMM    3448 MH
19094 P 284Aztec, Maya&Inca003DIS25  3:00PM 4:00PMM     
19095 P 284Aztec, Maya&Inca004DIS25 10:00AM11:00AM  W   
19988 P 284Aztec, Maya&Inca005DIS25  3:00PM 4:00PM T    
19989 P 284Aztec, Maya&Inca006DIS25  9:00AM10:00AM   TH  
19991 P 284Aztec, Maya&Inca007DIS25  3:00PM 4:00PM   TH 2022 STB
10954 285Frauds in Archaeol001LEC75 11:00AM12:00PMM W FAUD D AH
10955 P 285Frauds in Archaeol002DIS25  3:00PM 4:00PMM    1628 CHEM
10956 P 285Frauds in Archaeol003DIS25  4:00PM 5:00PMM     
23255 P 285Frauds in Archaeol004DIS25 10:00AM11:00AM    F 
32070 381Egyptian Arch001LEC75  1:00PM 2:30PM T TH LEC RM 1 MLB
32433 P 381Egyptian Arch002DIS25 11:00AM12:00PM    F1185 NQ
32435 P 381Egyptian Arch003DIS25 12:00PM 1:00PM    F 
32437 P 381Egyptian Arch004DIS25  2:00PM 3:00PM    F1105 NQ
32126 P 384Ancient Mesopotamia001LEC6  2:30PM 4:00PM T TH 3460 MH (was 3448)
24159 386Early Civilization001LEC49 10:00AM11:30AM T TH 2009RUTHVEN
24160 P 386Early Civilization002DIS24 11:00AM12:00PM  W   
24161 P 386Early Civilization003DIS25 12:00PM 1:00PM   TH 238A WH
32424 P 399Honors Archaeology001SEM10  4:00PM 7:00PM T   238A WH
31840 P 482Archaeology Topics001LEC20  2:30PM 4:00PM T TH  
14280 P 582Archaeology II001LEC16  4:00PM 7:00PM T    
23391 P 683Topics Archaeology002SEM4  1:00PM 2:30PM T TH AUD C AH
31842 P 683Topics Archaeology003SEM15 12:00PM 3:00PM    F4027RUTHVEN
31843 P 692Origin of State001SEM14  4:00PM 7:00PM  W  4027RUTHVEN
27427 P 956Respon Anth Research001SEM19 ARRARR      
* Classes marked with an asterisk have seats available, but are closed because there is an active wait list. Student must contact Instructor or Dept to obtain permission to enroll. There may be other closed courses that also have wait lists that do NOT appear here.