LSA Course Guide - Open Classes

Last updated on: 3/27/2015 7:45:29 AM
Class #Catalog #TitleSectionComp# SeatsWLStartEndDaysLocation
18335 102Practcl Botany001LEC2 12:00PM 1:00PMM   FLEC RM 2 MLB
21613 P 107Evolution of Life001LEC11  3:00PM 4:00PMM W FAUD 3 MLB
23170 P 109Ecolog Knowldg001LEC69  2:30PM 4:00PM T TH AUD NS
11108 P 118AIDS001LEC219  8:30AM10:00AM T TH AUD 3 MLB
27073 144Genomics in Society001LEC59  2:00PM 3:00PMM W  1640 CHEM
27127 P 144Genomics in Society101DIS17  1:00PM 3:00PM   TH 1632 CHEM
27128 P 144Genomics in Society102DIS17  1:00PM 3:00PM    F3230 USB
20824 171Intro Biology: EEB001LEC59 11:30AM 1:00PMM W  AUD NS
20825 171Intro Biology: EEB002LEC7 11:30AM 1:00PMM W  AUD NS
21030 171Intro Biology: EEB003LEC95  1:00PM 2:30PMM W  AUD NS
21031 171Intro Biology: EEB004LEC6  1:00PM 2:30PMM W  AUD NS
20826 171Intro Biology: EEB005LEC12  2:30PM 4:00PMM W  1230 USB
20828 P 171Intro Biology: EEB007DIS2  8:30AM10:00AM T   2234 USB
21033 P 171Intro Biology: EEB009DIS2  8:30AM10:00AMM    4152 USB
20834 P 171Intro Biology: EEB017DIS1 10:00AM11:30AM  W  4152 USB
20835 P 171Intro Biology: EEB018DIS1 11:30AM 1:00PM T   2234 USB
20836 P 171Intro Biology: EEB019DIS3 11:30AM 1:00PM T   4152 USB
20837 P 171Intro Biology: EEB020DIS1  1:00PM 2:30PM T   2234 USB
20841 P 171Intro Biology: EEB024DIS1  2:30PM 4:00PMM    4152 USB
20842 P 171Intro Biology: EEB027DIS1  4:00PM 5:30PM T   2234 USB
21041 P 171Intro Biology: EEB030DIS8  6:00PM 7:30PMM    2234 USB
20846 P 171Intro Biology: EEB032DIS9  6:00PM 7:30PMM    4152 USB
21042 P 171Intro Biology: EEB034DIS2  4:00PM 5:30PMM    3230 USB
21043 P 171Intro Biology: EEB035DIS4  6:00PM 7:30PMM    3230 USB
21036 P 171Intro Biology: EEB100DIS8  9:00AM11:00AM T TH 4153 USB
21040 P 171Intro Biology: EEB101DIS4 12:00PM 2:00PM T TH 3230 USB
20840 P 171Intro Biology: EEB200DIS5  2:30PM 4:00PM T   2234 USB
21037 P 171Intro Biology: EEB201DIS8  2:30PM 4:00PMM    3230 USB
20766 172Intro Biol - MCDB001LEC212  9:00AM10:00AMM W FAUD NS
20767 172Intro Biol - MCDB002LEC9  9:00AM10:00AMM W FAUD NS
20768 172Intro Biol - MCDB003LEC22 10:00AM11:00AMM W FAUD NS
20769 172Intro Biol - MCDB004LEC11 10:00AM11:00AMM W FAUD NS
20770 172Intro Biol - MCDB005LEC4 11:00AM12:00PMM W F1250 USB
20803 P 172Intro Biol - MCDB015DIS1 11:30AM 1:00PM    F4152 USB
20782 P 172Intro Biol - MCDB017DIS2  1:00PM 2:30PM    F2234 USB
20786 P 172Intro Biol - MCDB021DIS1  2:30PM 4:00PM   TH 2234 USB
20773 P 172Intro Biol - MCDB100DIS1 10:00AM12:00PM T TH 3230 USB
20780 P 172Intro Biol - MCDB101DIS3  2:00PM 4:00PM T TH 3230 USB
20777 P 172Intro Biol - MCDB200DIS7 11:30AM 1:00PM  W  3230 USB
20794 P 172Intro Biol - MCDB201DIS13  1:00PM 2:30PM  W  3230 USB
20718 173Intro Biol Lab001LEC5  1:00PM 2:00PM    FAUD 3 MLB
20719 173Intro Biol Lab002LEC175  2:00PM 3:00PM    FAUD 3 MLB
31079 173Intro Biol Lab003LEC12  1:00PM 2:00PM    F1230 USB
20720 P 173Intro Biol Lab011LAB1  2:00PM 5:00PMM    2114 USB
20722 P 173Intro Biol Lab013LAB1  2:00PM 5:00PMM    2115 USB
20730 P 173Intro Biol Lab033LAB1  2:00PM 5:00PM T   2115 USB
20732 P 173Intro Biol Lab041LAB3  7:00PM10:00PM T   2114 USB
20733 P 173Intro Biol Lab042LAB4  7:00PM10:00PM T   2122 USB
20734 P 173Intro Biol Lab043LAB3  7:00PM10:00PM T   2115 USB
20735 P 173Intro Biol Lab044LAB6  7:00PM10:00PM T   2123 USB
20737 P 173Intro Biol Lab052LAB1  9:00AM12:00PM  W  2122 USB
20738 P 173Intro Biol Lab053LAB1  9:00AM12:00PM  W  2115 USB
20744 P 173Intro Biol Lab071LAB4  7:00PM10:00PM  W  2114 USB
20745 P 173Intro Biol Lab072LAB2  7:00PM10:00PM  W  2122 USB
20746 P 173Intro Biol Lab073LAB1  7:00PM10:00PM  W  2115 USB
20747 P 173Intro Biol Lab074LAB1  7:00PM10:00PM  W  2123 USB
20751 P 173Intro Biol Lab084LAB1  9:00AM12:00PM   TH 2123 USB
20753 P 173Intro Biol Lab092LAB1  2:00PM 5:00PM   TH 2122 USB
20762 P 173Intro Biol Lab101LAB3  7:00PM10:00PM   TH 2123 USB
20763 P 173Intro Biol Lab102LAB6  7:00PM10:00PM   TH 2122 USB
25430 P 174Intro Cell Molec Bio001LEC40  3:00PM 5:00PM T TH 2260 USB
20109 207Intro Micro001LEC31  4:00PM 5:30PM T TH 1210 CHEM
20111 P 207Intro Micro002LAB4  1:00PM 4:00PMM    3151 USB
20110 P 207Intro Micro003LAB11  9:00AM12:00PM T   3151 USB
20112 P 207Intro Micro004LAB1  1:00PM 4:00PM T   3151 USB
20113 P 207Intro Micro005LAB1  6:00PM 9:00PM T   3151 USB
20114 P 207Intro Micro006LAB1  9:00AM12:00PM  W  3151 USB
20117 P 207Intro Micro009LAB11  9:00AM12:00PM   TH 3151 USB
20118 P 207Intro Micro010LAB1  1:00PM 4:00PM   TH 3151 USB
11110 P 225Animal Physiol and Neurobiol001LEC245  9:00AM10:00AMM W FAUD 3 MLB
20711 P 226Animal Physiol Lab016LAB2  1:00PM 5:00PM   TH 3114 USB
27074 256Animals Func Environ001LEC11 11:30AM 1:00PM T TH 1250 USB
27075 P 256Animals Func Environ101DIS6  2:30PM 4:00PM    F2230 USB
27076 P 256Animals Func Environ102DIS5  2:30PM 4:00PM   TH 2230 USB
11111 281General Ecology001LEC22  9:00AM10:00AM T TH 1640 CHEM
11112 P 281General Ecology002DIS8  1:00PM 3:00PMM    3265 USB
11113 P 281General Ecology003DIS6  3:00PM 5:00PMM    3540 CCL
11114 P 281General Ecology004DIS5 10:00AM12:00PM T   G463 MH
19410 P 281General Ecology006DIS3 10:00AM12:00PMM    1624 CHEM
29771 288Animal Diversity001LEC39  1:00PM 2:00PMM W F2260 USB
29775 P 288Animal Diversity002LAB7  9:00AM12:00PM T   3140 NS
29772 P 288Animal Diversity003LAB10  2:00PM 5:00PM T   3140 NS
29773 P 288Animal Diversity004LAB17  9:00AM12:00PM    F3140 NS
29774 P 288Animal Diversity005LAB5  2:00PM 5:00PM    F3140 NS
11116 305Genetics001LEC65  1:00PM 2:30PM T TH AUD 3 MLB
11120 P 305Genetics005DIS2  1:00PM 2:00PM  W  A859 CHEM
11121 P 305Genetics006DIS1  1:00PM 2:00PM    FA859 CHEM
11125 P 305Genetics010DIS2  3:00PM 4:00PM   TH A859 CHEM
11128 P 305Genetics013DIS2  4:00PM 5:00PM  W  A859 CHEM
20095 P 305Genetics016DIS2  5:00PM 6:00PM  W  A859 CHEM
20096 P 305Genetics017DIS2  5:00PM 6:00PM   TH A859 CHEM
23375 P 305Genetics019DIS5  6:00PM 7:00PM  W  A859 CHEM
23376 P 305Genetics020DIS4  6:00PM 7:00PM   TH A859 CHEM
11163 P 631Gen Prog Sem001SEM25  1:00PM 2:30PMM     
* Classes marked with an asterisk have seats available, but are closed because there is an active wait list. Student must contact Instructor or Dept to obtain permission to enroll. There may be other closed courses that also have wait lists that do NOT appear here.