LSA Course Guide - Open ENVIRON Classes

Last updated on: 9/24/2017 7:45:56 AM
Class #Catalog #TitleSectionComp# SeatsWLStartEndDaysLocation
21804 101Food Energy Env Jus001LEC4WL: 1* 3:00PM 4:00PMM W FAUD A AH
21806 P 101Food Energy Env Jus003DIS1  5:30PM 7:00PM  W  3230 USB
21807 P 101Food Energy Env Jus004DIS3 10:00AM11:30AM    F3230 USB
18822 P 102Extreme Weather001LEC4WL: 5*10:00AM11:00AMM W FAUD C AH
16807 110GC: Sustain Science001LEC4 12:00PM 1:00PMM W FAUD C AH
16808 P 110GC: Sustain Science003LAB3  3:00PM 5:00PMM     
16809 P 110GC: Sustain Science004LAB1  9:00AM11:00AM T    
18390 P 118Intr Geol Lab001LAB4  4:00PM 6:00PMM    2512 CCL
18391 P 118Intr Geol Lab002LAB9  4:00PM 6:00PM T   2512 CCL
18393 P 118Intr Geol Lab004LAB6  2:00PM 4:00PM   TH 2512 CCL
18394 P 118Intr Geol Lab005LAB11  4:00PM 6:00PM  W  2512 CCL
18395 P 118Intr Geol Lab006LAB6  2:00PM 4:00PMM    2512 CCL
18382 119Intro Geology001LEC57 11:00AM12:00PMM W FAUD C AH
18383 P 119Intro Geology010DIS1  3:00PM 4:00PM  W  2502 CCL
18384 P 119Intro Geology011DIS12  2:00PM 3:00PM   TH 2502 CCL
18385 P 119Intro Geology012DIS2  3:00PM 4:00PMM    2502 CCL
18387 P 119Intro Geology014DIS11  4:00PM 5:00PM  W  2502 CCL
18388 P 119Intro Geology015DIS2  1:00PM 2:00PM   TH 2502 CCL
18389 P 119Intro Geology016DIS17  4:00PM 5:00PM T   2502 CCL
22011 P 119Intro Geology017DIS12  4:00PM 5:00PMM    2502 CCL
27495 120Nationl Parks001LEC1 11:30AM 1:00PMM W   
27498 P 120Nationl Parks004LAB1 12:00PM 2:00PM   TH 2512 CCL
30568 P 139FYS Environment005SEM3  4:00PM 5:30PM T TH  
30540 167Evol Envir GlobHeath001LEC19  4:00PM 5:30PM T TH  
30541 P 167Evol Envir GlobHeath002DIS2 12:00PM 1:00PMM    238A WH
30542 P 167Evol Envir GlobHeath003DIS5  3:00PM 4:00PMM    238A WH
30543 P 167Evol Envir GlobHeath004DIS5  4:00PM 5:00PMM    238A WH
30544 P 167Evol Envir GlobHeath005DIS1  9:00AM10:00AM T    
30545 P 167Evol Envir GlobHeath006DIS4 12:00PM 1:00PM  W  418 WH
30546 P 167Evol Envir GlobHeath007DIS2  3:00PM 4:00PM  W  418 WH
16500 201Ecological Issues001LEC27 11:30AM 1:00PM T TH AUD B AH
19692 P 201Ecological Issues007DIS1 12:00PM 1:00PMM     
26438 P 201Ecological Issues010DIS1  1:00PM 2:00PM    F 
23150 P 209Intro Envir Sci&Geog007LAB4  4:00PM 6:00PMM    2516 CCL
23329 211Soc Sci&Env Probs001LEC4  1:00PM 2:30PM T TH A859 CHEM
23330 P 211Soc Sci&Env Probs002DIS1  3:00PM 4:00PM   TH 4128 LSA
23331 P 211Soc Sci&Env Probs003DIS3  8:00AM 9:00AM    F3540 CCL
16529 222Intro to Env Justice001LEC9  1:00PM 2:00PM T TH  
21682 P 222Intro to Env Justice004DIS9  4:00PM 5:00PM  W   
29836 223Garbage in Mod World001LEC12 11:30AM 1:00PM T TH AUD C AH
29838 P 223Garbage in Mod World003DIS3 11:00AM12:00PM    F 
29840 P 223Garbage in Mod World005DIS6  1:00PM 2:00PM   TH B113 MLB
29842 P 223Garbage in Mod World007DIS3  3:00PM 4:00PM   TH  
18309 P 232Intro Oceanog001LEC31  1:00PM 2:00PMM W FAUD C AH
18310 P 233Int Ocean Lab002LAB14  4:00PM 6:00PM T   2516 CCL
18311 P 233Int Ocean Lab003LAB4  2:00PM 4:00PM  W  2516 CCL
18312 P 233Int Ocean Lab004LAB12 12:00PM 2:00PM   TH 2516 CCL
18313 P 233Int Ocean Lab005LAB11  2:00PM 4:00PM T   2516 CCL
25600 240Phil & the Environ001LEC1  3:00PM 4:00PMM W  G115 AH
25601 P 240Phil & the Environ002DIS1  2:00PM 3:00PMM    G115 AH
24293 P 242Envir Soc Sci Topics001LEC4  2:30PM 4:00PMM W  2306 MH
31545 P 244Topic Culture & Envi001LEC3 10:00AM11:30AM T TH 2407 MH
30567 P 245Interdis Env Topics001LEC1  1:00PM 2:30PMM W  1518 CCL
24003 P 250SocialSystems&Energy001LEC5WL: 4*10:00AM11:30AM T TH 1230 WEILL
27302 259Resilient Society001LEC14 10:00AM11:30AM T TH 2520 CCL
23328 270Our Common Future001LEC5 10:00AM11:00AMM W F 
23334 P 270Our Common Future003DIS4  2:30PM 4:00PM    F 
24278 P 270Our Common Future004DIS1 11:30AM 1:00PM    F1509 CCL
30720 P 277Env Hist Anc Med001LEC3  1:00PM 2:30PM T TH 3437 MH (was 3439)
17956 281General Ecology001LEC21  9:00AM10:00AMM W  1230 USB
17957 P 281General Ecology002DIS3 11:00AM 1:00PMM     
17959 P 281General Ecology004DIS5  1:00PM 3:00PM T   2502 CCL
17960 P 281General Ecology005DIS13  3:00PM 5:00PM T    
21683 P 290Food001LEC5  8:30AM10:00AMM W   
27926 304Culture&Envir Topics002LEC12  1:00PM 2:30PMM W  2306 MH
25517 P 304Culture&Envir Topics003DIS5  3:00PM 4:00PM  W   
25778 P 304Culture&Envir Topics004DIS7 10:00AM11:00AM   TH  
31544 P 304Culture&Envir Topics007LEC19 11:30AM 1:00PM T TH  
35327 P 305Interdis Env Topics002LEC21  8:00PM 9:00PMM    1509 CCL
18344 317Consrv Bio Diversity001LEC2 12:00PM 1:00PM T TH  
24439 P 317Consrv Bio Diversity004DIS2  4:00PM 6:00PM  W   
25359 345Env Pub Op Analysis001LEC3WL: 1*12:00PM 1:00PM T TH  
25360 P 345Env Pub Op Analysis002DIS2  5:00PM 6:30PM T    
25361 P 345Env Pub Op Analysis003DIS3WL: 1* 1:00PM 2:30PM  W   
16471 360Behavior&Environment001LEC91  1:00PM 2:30PMM W   
28602 P 360Behavior&Environment002DIS8  1:00PM 2:00PM    F4151 USB
17985 P 360Behavior&Environment003DIS17  9:00AM10:00AM   TH  
17986 P 360Behavior&Environment004DIS1  4:00PM 5:00PMM     
17987 P 360Behavior&Environment005DIS6  2:00PM 3:00PM   TH  
18038 P 360Behavior&Environment006DIS12  9:00AM10:00AM T    
16577 370Int U P&Env001LEC6 10:00AM11:00AM T TH  
16579 P 370Int U P&Env003DIS5 11:00AM12:00PM    F 
16580 P 370Int U P&Env004DIS1 12:00PM 1:00PM   TH  
21522 P 372Ecology Lab012LAB1  1:00PM 5:00PM   TH 3130 USB
21522 P 372Ecology Lab012LAB1  1:00PM 5:00PM   TH BOT GARD
25621 P 377Lit&Environment001LEC1  2:30PM 4:00PM T TH  
33027 P 377Lit&Environment002LEC4 11:30AM 1:00PM T TH 3463 MH (was 3447)
23133 380Min Res, Econ&Envir001LEC5 10:00AM11:30AM T TH 1528 CCL
23136 P 380Min Res, Econ&Envir004DIS1  4:00PM 5:00PM T   2230 USB
23277 P 380Min Res, Econ&Envir006DIS3  5:00PM 6:00PM   TH 2230 USB
23689 P 380Min Res, Econ&Envir007DIS1  4:00PM 5:00PM   TH 2230 USB
31190 P 395Natural Resource Law001LEC8 10:00AM11:30AMM W  1505 CCL
21684 P 405Urban Sprawl001LEC1 10:00AM11:30AMM W   
22507 P 408Land Use Policy&Law001LEC3  1:00PM 2:30PM T TH 4151 USB
24230 P 413Environmental Comm001REC3 10:00AM11:30AMM W   
25356 430Soil Ecology001LEC11 10:00AM11:00AMM W   
25357 P 430Soil Ecology002LAB3  1:00PM 5:00PMM     
25358 P 430Soil Ecology003LAB8  1:00PM 5:00PM T    
16472 436Woody Plants001LEC12  9:00AM10:00AM T TH  
16473 P 436Woody Plants003LAB10  1:00PM 6:00PM T    
16474 P 436Woody Plants004LAB3  1:00PM 6:00PM  W   
20509 P 436Woody Plants005LAB17  1:00PM 6:00PM   TH  
31091 442Earth Surface001LEC17 10:00AM11:30AMM W  2520 CCL
31535 P 442Earth Surface002LAB9  1:00PM 3:00PMM    3536 CCL
31535 P 442Earth Surface002LAB9  1:00PM 3:00PMM    5501 CCL
32402 P 442Earth Surface004LAB8  1:00PM 3:00PM  W  3536 CCL
32402 P 442Earth Surface004LAB8  1:00PM 3:00PM  W  5501 CCL
27850 P 461Primate Cons Bio001SEM5  1:00PM 4:00PM  W  210 WH
24295 P 462Envir Soc Sci Topics002LEC2  5:30PM 8:00PM  W   
28006 P 462Envir Soc Sci Topics003LEC10 10:00AM12:00PM   TH  
28412 P 462Envir Soc Sci Topics004SEM10  4:00PM 5:30PMM W  1230 WEILL
24277 463Envir Nat Sci Topics001LEC8 10:30AM11:30AMM W   
24826 P 463Envir Nat Sci Topics002LAB8  9:00AM12:30PM    F 
31779 P 464Topic Culture & Envi001LEC8  5:30PM 7:00PMM W   
32231 P 464Topic Culture & Envi002LEC17  5:00PM 6:00PMM     
32231 P 464Topic Culture & Envi002LEC17  9:00AM12:00PM    F 
32231 P 464Topic Culture & Envi002LEC17  1:00PM 4:00PM    F 
30926 P 473Stats Modeling in R002LAB2  3:00PM 5:00PM  W   
21699 479Hydrogeology001LEC8 10:00AM11:30AM T TH 3540 CCL
21700 P 479Hydrogeology002LAB3  3:00PM 6:00PMM    3536 CCL
21700 P 479Hydrogeology002LAB3  3:00PM 6:00PMM    3540 CCL
* Classes marked with an asterisk have seats available, but are closed because there is an active wait list. Student must contact Instructor or Dept to obtain permission to enroll. There may be other closed courses that also have wait lists that do NOT appear here.