LSA Course Guide - Open STATS Classes

Last updated on: 9/24/2017 7:45:58 AM
Class #Catalog #TitleSectionComp# SeatsWLStartEndDaysLocation
31168 P 150Making Sense of Data001LEC92  8:30AM10:00AM T TH AUD C AH
14666 250Intr Stat&Data Anlys003LEC30WL: 2*12:00PM 1:00PMM W FAUD 3 MLB
14667 250Intr Stat&Data Anlys004LEC85WL: 6* 1:00PM 2:00PMM W FAUD 3 MLB
18167 P 250Intr Stat&Data Anlys052LAB1 10:00AM12:00PM T    
27549 280Honors Intro Stats001LEC13  8:30AM10:00AM T TH  
27550 P 280Honors Intro Stats002LAB12  8:30AM10:00AM    F 
27808 P 280Honors Intro Stats004LAB1  2:30PM 4:00PM    F 
31192 306Stat Computing001LEC75 11:30AM 1:00PMM W  1200 CHEM
31193 P 306Stat Computing002LAB20  4:00PM 5:30PMM    B760 EH
31195 P 306Stat Computing003LAB15 10:00AM11:30AM T   B760 EH
16401 401Appl Stat Meth II001LEC1  1:00PM 2:30PMM W  1528 CCL
23703 P 401Appl Stat Meth II004LAB1 10:00AM11:30AM    FB760 EH
24312 403Intro Quant Res Meth001LEC13  9:00AM10:00AMM W F 
24313 P 403Intro Quant Res Meth002DIS3 11:30AM 1:00PM T   B760 EH
24314 P 403Intro Quant Res Meth003DIS10  4:00PM 5:30PM T   B760 EH
22370 P 408Stat Prin Prob Solv003DIS3  2:30PM 4:00PM   TH B760 EH
27548 413Appl Regression001LEC2WL: 1* 2:30PM 4:00PMM W  B844 EH
27556 P 413Appl Regression003LAB1 10:00AM11:00AM    F 
33074 P 414Topics in Statistics001LEC19  8:30AM10:00AM T TH 1427 MH
12065 P 425Intro Probability001LEC42  9:00AM10:00AMM W F1528 CCL
12066 P 425Intro Probability003LEC18  9:00AM10:00AMM W F1068 EH
12067 P 425Intro Probability004LEC1  4:00PM 5:30PMM W  1105 NQ
12068 P 425Intro Probability005LEC3WL: 1* 1:00PM 2:00PMM W F1084 EH
12069 P 425Intro Probability006LEC3 11:00AM12:00PMM W F1068 EH
16356 P 425Intro Probability007LEC2WL: 1*10:00AM11:30AM T TH 1068 EH
17068 P 425Intro Probability008LEC3WL: 2* 2:30PM 4:00PM T TH 1068 EH
12070 P 426Intro to Theo Stat001LEC18  2:30PM 4:00PMM W   
22353 P 426Intro to Theo Stat003LEC24  8:30AM10:00AM T TH 1200 CHEM
31188 P 449Topics in Biostat002LEC6  4:00PM 5:30PMM W  B844 EH
17378 470Intro Design of Exp001LEC1 10:00AM11:30AMM W  B844 EH
17379 P 470Intro Design of Exp002LAB1  4:00PM 5:30PM   TH B760 EH
25766 P 506Comp Methods&Tools001LEC1 10:00AM11:30AM T TH  
22536 P 510Prob Dist Theory001LEC12  1:00PM 2:30PMM W  B844 EH
18447 P 600Linear Models001LEC10 11:30AM 1:00PMM W  B844 EH
24923 600Linear Models002LAB10  5:30PM 7:00PM T   B760 EH
23323 P 608Optim Meth Stats001LEC8  4:00PM 5:30PMM W  1372 EH
24562 P 621Prob Theory001LEC21 11:30AM 1:00PM T TH 1068 EH
32172 P 700Topics Appl Stat I001LEC16  4:00PM 5:30PMM W   
12077 P 808Sem Appl Stat I001SEM1 11:30AM 1:00PM    F 
12078 P 810Lit Proseminar001LEC5  9:00AM10:00AM    F 
12080 P 993Gsi Training001REC6 ARRARR      
* Classes marked with an asterisk have seats available, but are closed because there is an active wait list. Student must contact Instructor or Dept to obtain permission to enroll. There may be other closed courses that also have wait lists that do NOT appear here.