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Dutch Studies has been an integral part of the Department ofGermanic Languages and Literatures since the early 1970's. Theprogram offers both language and literature courses. The first-and second-year courses satisfy the language requirement. Upper-levelcourses have ranged from the most modern literature to medievalgenres, the literature of Rembrandt's time, and Vincent van Gogh'sletters or Dutch colonial literature from The East Indies. Independentstudies in combination with for instance European or World History, Anthropology, South African, or Indonesian Studies are encouraged.Hovering between English and German, Dutch is easy to learn forEnglish speakers. Tutorials in the closely-related South Africanlanguage Africaans are available on request.

A special course is offered: "Anne Frank in Past and Present"(DUTCH 492), in which the famous diary and its impact are studiedand compared to other Holocaust writings. The first-year seminarentitled "Colonialism and its Aftermath" (DUTCH 160)enhances and emphasizes the wide scope of Dutch and Flemish Studies, as the history of the low countries is examined in contacts withnew worlds in East and West.

Each year in May, students of Dutch have the opportunity toacquire the internationally recognized certificate of proficiencyin Dutch, on three levels.

The Martin Zwart Scholarship is awarded each summer. Grantsare also available from the Dutch and Belgian Government for summercourses in Zeist (The Netherlands) and Hasselt (Belgium).
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