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Courses in Expository Writing. Courses in writing develop a student’s sense of the various possible forms of expression. Writing practice, lectures, and class discussion are supplemented in these courses by regular meetings with the instructor. Sections of ENGLISH 225, 325, and 425 are limited to 18 students. The first of these courses includes a great variety of writing projects while sections of the upper-level courses tend to be somewhat more specialized.

The Creative Writing Program. Students interested in the department’s offerings in creative writing should begin with ENGLISH 223, an introduction to the reading and writing of modern poetry and prose fiction and to the workshop method of critiquing student writing. ENGLISH 223 is a prerequisite to ENGLISH 323 (Advanced Creative Writing in Fiction) and 324 (Advanced Creative Writing in Poetry), but admission into ENGLISH 323 and 324 is based on a portfolio submission. There is a “permission of instructor” restriction on these courses. At the advanced level students may elect (with the instructor’s permission) the advanced fiction workshop (ENGLISH 423) or the advanced poetry workshop (ENGLISH 424).

Repeating Courses for Credit. Some of the courses listed below are general titles under which varied topics may be offered. Such courses may be repeated for credit with departmental permission. Most of the courses available for re-election are signaled below. Students must obtain the proper approval form from the English Office, 3187 Angell Hall and return it for approval within the first two weeks of class.

NOTE: It is department policy that students must attend both the first and the second class meetings. Failure to do so may result in the student being dropped from the course.