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Introductory Physics

The Physics Department offers four introductory course sequences: PHYSICS 125/126, PHYSICS 135/235, PHYSICS 140/240 and PHYSICS 160/260. The Physics Department discourages students from changing sequences midstream, so it is important that students choose the first course of a physics sequence with care.

Prospective engineers and physical science students should elect PHYSICS 140/240 because concentration programs in these areas require the PHYSICS 140/240 sequence. Prospective life science students and those interested in the health professions are strongly encouraged to elect PHYSICS 135/235. Students who have not had calculus may prefer to take the PHYSICS 125/126 sequence. However, they should be aware that PHYSICS 125/126 may not be appropriate for their preferred concentration program. Students in this situation are encouraged to speak to an advisor about their physics options.

Students who enjoy solving problems and who have had physics in high school are encouraged to take the Honors physics sequence, PHYSICS 160/260. This sequence takes a thoroughly modern approach to both mechanics and electricity & magnetism. PHYSICS 160/260 is the preferred sequence for students interested in any science concentration, especially physics. Students do not need to be enrolled in the LSA Honors Program to sign up for PHYSICS 160/260.

Physics Course Tracks, Minor and B.S. Major Requirements

Department of Physics Waitlist Policy

For multi-sectioned introductory physics courses (PHYSICS 135/235/136/236 and PHYSICS 140/240/141/241), overrides will be managed by the Physics Student Services Office. To add yourself to the waitlist, please bring a current copy of your class schedule to 2464 Randall Lab. All efforts will be made to enroll you in a course that fits with your current schedule that day. If the Office is unable to enroll you in a class, all available sections that fit with your schedule will be noted, and you will be contacted by email once a seat opens up. For all other physics courses: when the course has filled to capacity, an electronic waitlist will open on Wolverine Access. Overrides will be issued at the discretion of the Physics Department.

Once classes begin, overrides will be issued through permission of the Instructor by the Physics Student Services Office. Students have 48 hours to register for the course once permission is issued.

Please contact the Physics Student Services Office, 2464 Randall Lab,, 734-764-5539, with questions or concerns.