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First-Year Writing Requirement (FYWR)

The goal of the First-Year Writing Requirement is to prepare students for the type of writing most often assigned and valued in University classes.

The First-Year Writing Requirement should be completed in the first year with a minimum grade of C– and must be satisfied before electing a class to satisfy the Upper-Level Writing Requirement. Advanced Placement (AP) credit is not equivalent to the FYWR.

Overall learning goals for students are as follows:

  • produce complex, analytic, well-supported arguments that matter in academic contexts;
  • read, summarize, analyze, and synthesize complex texts purposefully in order to generate and support writing;
  • practice writing in a variety of genres and demonstrate an awareness of the strategies that writers use in different rhetorical situations;
  • develop flexible strategies for organizing, revising, editing, and proofreading writing of varying lengths to improve development of ideas and appropriateness of expression; and
  • collaborate with peers and the instructor to define revision strategies for particular pieces of writing, to set goals for improving writing, and to devise effective plans for achieving those goals.

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