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Comparative Literature is a discipline that examines literature across national, historical, and linguistic boundaries. Literary movements, periods, genres, criticism, and theory are studied from an international viewpoint as are the relationships between literature and the other arts (e.g., film, painting, music) and literature and such disciplines as psychology, philosophy, anthropology, history, and women’s studies.

The Department of Comparative Literature offers a wide range of courses at all levels of the curriculum. Our classes are open to students from other departments in LSA, and from other units across the university.

If you are in your first year and you think you might want to pursue a degree in Comparative Literature, we recommend that you take one of our introductory courses at the 100 or 200 level. For example, you may take a section of COMPLIT 122 (Writing World Literatures) to meet the LSA First Year Writing Requirement. Or you may choose COMPLIT 140 (First Year Literary Seminar) which is especially designed to give first year students the experience of a seminar taught by a faculty member. For general lecture courses at the 200 level, we highly recommend COMPLIT 222 (Great Books in World Literatures) or COMPLIT 240 (Introduction to Comparative Literature).

If you are entering your second or third year and are making progress in your foreign language(s), you may start taking courses at the 200 level and beyond. COMPLIT 322 (Translating World Literatures) satisfies the LSA Upper Level Writing Requirement, and allows you to develop a translation project.

In addition, the Department of Comparative Literature offers courses at the 300 and 400 level, with more specialized topics that vary each semester. Some of our courses can be counted toward the “Comparative Culture & Identity” track in International Studies.

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