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Courses in Applied Liberal Arts

The Applied Liberal Arts (ALA) curriculum provides a nondepartmental home for courses on essential skills for college success and other curricular and co-curricular opportunities for first- and second-year students as they explore majors, minors, internships, and other options for education, leadership, and personal growth. This part of the LSA curriculum is still "under construction." In the semesters to come it will also serve as a trans-departmental space for integrative, multi-disciplinary, and experimental teaching and learning, including the “22 Ways” courses, specialized Sophomore Seminars, and Critical Issues courses that explore modes of problem-based education. Finally, ALA is a laboratory for new directions in the LSA undergraduate curriculum, especially those that highlight student-led and student-designed initiatives. It will host liberal arts courses that are part of the cross-campus undergraduate Minor in Entrepreneurship and the Social Innovation Challenge sponsored by optiMize.
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