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Courses in Sociology

Sociology is the study of the social causes and consequences of human behavior. Sociologists study a wide range of subjects: the family, education, health, sex, race, religion, law, crime, poverty, inequality, immigration, rights, labor, organizations, globalization, and much more. In addition, Sociologists adopt a variety of social science methods to collect and examine empirical data critically and rigorously, including quantitative data analysis, survey research, content analysis of written and visual materials, in-depth interviews, ethnography, and historical analysis.

Sociology majors develop skills applicable to a wide range of careers:

  • Education

  • Law

  • Politics/Public Policy

  • Urban Planning

  • Survey/Public Opinion Research

  • Social Services/Counseling

  • Community Organization/Activism

  • Medicine/Public Health

  • Sales/Marketing

  • Business

Project Community:

Project Community (SOC 225) is an experiential course that is designed to allow students to engage in community-based learning experiences through a sociological lens. Students are able to gain new perspectives on social inequalities through their experiences at a variety of sites, including elementary schools, afterschool programs, hospitals, health clinics, correctional facilities, social services agencies, advocacy centers, and other community organizations in Southeast Michigan. For more information on Project Community sites and registration procedures, please visit

Waitlists, Overrides, and Registration FAQs:

For information about waitlists, overrides, and frequently asked questions regarding registration please see here:

Before registering, please review:

  • Credit exclusions for courses.

  • Academics & Requirements for the limit of experiential credit allowed for the major/subplan or minor.

Questions about advising, enrollment, and override permissions should be sent to

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