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Courses in Study Abroad

Michigan Global Academic Programs

Michigan Global Academic Programs offer global opportunities for students to study off campus during the entire year, spring, summer, fall or winter terms. Educational opportunities are categorized into direct enrollment programs at institutions where students take university-level courses with locals or in programs structured specifically for a variety of American university students, or in University of Michigan faculty-led programs.

For courses not taught in English, these extended, in-depth opportunities allow students to achieve a higher degree of fluency. Please note that is often possible to take courses in English even in non-English speaking countries. Many of the programs also have academic themes best explored on site, such as Arts in Paris, France or Health and Nutrition in the Dominican Republic.

Students can earn Michigan in-residence credit for their coursework. Students apply to desired program. Academic requirements vary by program. Following acceptance, students register for the appropriate STDABRD course. For questions, please contact

Global Intercultural Experience for Undergraduates

Global Intercultural Experience for Undergraduates expands learning beyond traditional classroom boundaries through intercultural, short-term (3 or 4 week) summer service projects. Small groups of diverse students called GIEU Student Scholars are mentored by U-M faculty members and travel to culturally-rich locations in the U.S. and around the world. Projects benefit local communities and give students the opportunity to work closely with local community members. GIEU emphasizes gaining intercultural skills, and as such, students are matched with field sites after being admitted to the program. Participation involves a year-long commitment; students participate in an internship and receive academic credit. Students apply to the program in early November and are registered for UC 275 or UC 276 (in winter and fall terms) by the instructor following acceptance.

Spring/Summer Language Study

Spring/Summer Language Study programs allow students to complete their third and fourth term language requirement in one intensive half term in the field. Students deepen their comfort and fluency in a non-English language through direct immersion as they live with host families and/or participate in internship/volunteer placements. These special language programs are offered during the spring/summer terms enabling students to complete their language requirement during their first year, if desired. Students register for these courses through the departments offering the language.

Global Course Connections

Global Course Connections short-term programs offer an excellent and affordable opportunity for students interested in field-based extensions to on-campus courses. Students enroll for selected courses on campus in the winter or fall terms and then travel (2-4 weeks) with classmates to a field site where they can put into practice or experience what they have learned. Students receive additional 1-2 credit hours for the projects they complete on site. Registration for the field study component requires permission from the instructor. Recent courses have taken students to observe labor practices on the Mexican border, experience Thai culture related to their language study, and look at social conditions in contemporary South Africa. These courses are offered through their home departments.
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