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The undergraduate curriculum in Russian and East European Studies offers broad, interdisciplinary training for students who wish to acquire extensive knowledge of a country or countries of the former Soviet Union and East Central Europe. Proficiency in a language of the region is an important component of the REES concentration.

Courses offered by the Center for Russian and East European Studies.

REES 301 is an undergraduate directed reading course under the guidance of a faculty member, on a specialized topic in Russian or East European Studies. REES 395, 396, and 397 provide students with a comprehensive, interdisciplinary survey of the regions of the former Soviet Union and East Central Europe which introduce students to different approaches in the study of multinational, multi-cultural nations. These are appropriate selections for non-concentrators as well as potential concentrators. N.B.: Students may receive credit for REES 396 or 397, but not for both courses. REES 401 is a required undergraduate seminar focusing on a specific research project.

Courses in Other Departments. Lists of REES-approved and REES-related courses are available on the REES website: .

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